Over the past year, I have had the great honor to be able to try many different lines of skincare products from many different brands. I wanted to share my top three favorite skincare lines of 2016 and tell you why they are my favorites. Maybe you will find a new line of skincare for yourself in my list!

My first pick for best skincare line is Derma e. Please read some of my other articles about Derma e.
The photo below are my personal products from Derma e, some which I received free for review but most are products I have purchased on my own having gone through my free product, or just simply wanting to try more of the product line. I have other derma e products in my shower that I use in addition to the below pictured facial line.

Top 3 Skincare Picks Of 2016 #1 Derma e

What I love about Derma e: 

Works wonders on my skin.
All natural ingredients.
Specialized product line for different skin types.
Products for face, and body.
Wonderful aroma.
Very affordable.
Has saved me from psoriasis breakouts!

Drema e is a real treat for your skin from head to toe! It is very affordable, can be purchased online, in health food stores, and also available at Target stores. I have been highly impressed since I first started using this line last year and continue to spend my own money on this product line. I am a loyal Derma e customer, and a very happy one indeed!

My second pick for the best skin care line of 2016 is from Rodan and Fields. I was lucky to get to try this line for a previous article.  Captured below are the three products I received for my pervious article that I am still using on an every other day basis. I rotate these items into my regular skin Derma e care line up. 

Below are my personal products that I use from Rodan and Fields.


Top 3 Skincare Picks Of 2016 #2 Rodan and Fields

What I love about Rodan and Fields: 

Gives skin a major boost, like medicine for your skin.
Noticeable skin improvement after a few uses.
5 Specific skincare lines.

As I said in my previous article on this skincare line, I was so in love with my regular line that I really was not overly excited to try something new but Rodan and Fields did win me over. Being able to combine two great skin care lines through the week was a blessing. Call me crazy but I find that with skincare, and hair care, it is almost as if our system adapts to the positive results, tricking our system into rejecting products after regular use. By combining two different excellent lines of skin care through the week it is as if my skin can’t adapt, and it gives my skin a break from it’s regular regimen. The Rodan and Fields line acts almost like a clinical treatment that wakes my face up when using it once or twice a week.

My third pick for the best skin care line of 2016 is Colleen Rothschild

Oh Colleen, had I only discovered you years ago! Colleen Rothschild is that spa treatment that I can do right in my own bathroom, and I do so as often as I have time to truly enjoy it! Colleen Rothschild is pure luxury! 


Top 3 Skincare Picks Of 2016 #3 Colleen Rothschild

What I love about Colleen Rothschild:

Pure Luxury!
Natural ingredients that smell like heaven.
Totally moisturized, soft, silky, pampered skin.

I just can not say enough wonderful things about this skin care line. I have only had the honor of trying two products pictured above, but trust me when I say you must try these items.

The Colleen Rothschild items are so precious to me that I only use them about once a week, sometimes every other week. Another reason I only use them on occasion is because I really want to enjoy the spa like treatment these skincare products provide me. For me using them is a true experience, not just a splash and dash situation. During use, I feel indulged, relaxed, and the natural essences take me away from all of my daily stress. An experience I wish for each of you to experience for yourselves.


I am not being paid for this article, nor are any of my links affiliate links. I test hundreds of items throughout a year’s time, and many skin care lines. These are my absolute favorites from the past year and I wanted to share my picks with you all.

I hope you will give each of them a try because they are amazing, and you and your skin deserve the best!