My Word Of The Year For 2017 And Why I Have One

Last year my daughter and I were shopping in an arts district and I found a beautiful sign. I loved that it was simplistic, made from natural resources, more importantly wood, because I love wood, and I was drawn in by the simple, yet meaningful word engraved on it …


My Word Of The Year For 2017 And Why I Have One

I decided that I wanted this to be my word of the year, and more so my mantra. First I had to know why this word was meaningful to me and I came to find out I loved it for all the wrong reasons.

At first upon buying the plaque, and hanging it over my door, I did not honestly give much thought to the word other than I like getting inspired. I enjoy the creative process, writing, literature, live theater, music, all things I have been involved in personally. All things that are inspiring. 

It was not until I sat down to write this that it really dawned upon me that the word inspire did not imply me becoming inspired, or being inspired, but rather that I needed to inspire others! 

My ego and I would like to think that I have been an inspiring person over the years. I could sit here and list ways that I feel I have inspired others. I am sure my daughter and husband would say I have inspired them, but once again I had to come back and realize, if I am to adopt a word of the year I need it to be an verb, not an adjective to describe me! Honestly, I do not feel I have truly been inspiring over the last few years, at least not intentionally so. 

I think that is what I was looking for in my word of the year, a word in which I could reflect on and find ways that I can put that word into action. 

So inspire it is, and now the next step is finding ways in which I can inspire others. 

I have a short list worked out in my head, although with me, nothing is “real” until it is on paper, written out, as to truly put my thoughts, feelings, and desires into a manifestation mode. There is something about putting pen, or pencil to paper that makes it more real, more valid, more personal. It’s like you transform something from a thought, or intention, into an action by writing it. 

Inspire means to stimulate, encourage, motivate, influence, and energize.  I suppose as a blogger I have been able to do a few of these things for others. Inspire also means to inhale and breathe. That makes it perfect as a mantra and for meditation. It also means to create a positive feeling in another person. I want to do more of that! 

My Word Of The Year For 2017 And Why I Have One

Why have a word of the year at all? I think for me it is about having a singular focus to come back to when everything else feels loopy or out of control. I am not one for making resolutions. I would not make promises I am not 100% sure I can keep to a stranger, family, or friend, so why should I do that to myself? 

A focus word allows me to make it whatever I want it to become, as long as it is positive. If I wish I can make Inspire an action through volunteering, what I write on my blog, what I say to others, or anything really, but I feel it has a much larger scope, the ability for a much bigger impact than resolving to something. Resolve, and resolution have many negative connotations if you ask me, and often times fail. A focus word, or word of the year allows us more freedom. No that is not an “out” that is simply a manner of looking at it. 

For all we know, I may inspire someone to keep their New Years Resolution. ?

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