January Is National Walk Your Pet Month – Tips And Ideas For Better Pet Walking Experiences

You may have noticed that the blog has a new look. It was time to take down the holiday header so in celebration of National Walk Your Pet Month I decided to adorn January’s header with a cute image of a pup being walked. You may have noticed it on the right side. 

It is National Walk Your PET Month, not specific to dogs and while I am not sure about walking Iguanas, and I have not even attempted to put my cats on a leash I do know our Lyla loves it when she gets walks. 

Even though she has a large fenced yard to frolic in, something about seeing that leash just gets her all excited! I believe it is partially knowing she gets to explore places outside the yard, the thought of maybe going for a ride to get to some new place to adventure though, and the time spent together with her humans.

As common as walking your dog may sound, for some it is not that simple! 
There are many obstacles that may get in the way of walking your pet. Location, mobility issues for the pet or the human, finding safe places to walk, bad weather, and personal medical problems to name a few. All of these things can make walking with your pet difficult, or even impossible. 

January Is National Walk Your Pet Month - Tips And Ideas For Better Pet Walking Experiences

Hiring someone to walk our pets for us may be handy. Dog walkers are quite common in metropolitan cities, but in rural areas or smaller cities dog walkers are not that common, and more expensive.  For some however this may be a great alternative if you suffer from a medical, or mobility issue that keeps you from walking your pet. Granted you miss out on spending that time together, but at least you are left with the great feeling of knowing your pet had the chance to explore and heighten their natural senses. 
If it is your pet with mobility problems there are so many wonderful items on the market these days to help such as pet strollers. Pet strollers can be used with most any pet and come in different colors, and sizes. While your pet may not be getting exercise on stroller walks they can enjoy some outdoor time with you. Some pets can handle a limited time walking, but need breaks, so strollers and carriers work well for pets who can’t walk as far or as long.

January Is National Walk Your Pet Month - Tips And Ideas For Better Pet Walking Experiences

If you prefer to bike but do not like leaving your dog out you can now use a bicycle leash to “walk” your dog.

Another product that may help some are wheelchair walkers for dogs as well as support harnesses. 

Asking family to help is another great option. This can give pre-teens a way to assume responsibility, promote good pet care, and even earn them some pocket change. 
If weather is a problem in your part of the world do consider pet coats, and boots. This not only helps keep your pet warm, but will also provide a layer of safety on their paws from salt deicer that can be harmful to animals. 

January Is National Walk Your Pet Month - Tips And Ideas For Better Pet Walking Experiences

If getting out is simply not an option there are alternative at home dog walkers to help make sure your pet is getting the exercise they need such as dog treadmills, and pacers. 

All of the above listed items can easily be found on Chewy.com and Amazon. 

To be sure that walking your pet is more enjoyable for the both of you, have access to plenty of water. We tend to think about carrying water more in the warmer months but hydration is important even when it is cold outside. 

Walk your pet with friends, and their pets. If your furbaby is social, join a dog walking group, or call up a friend and their pet to join you. I will admit, our Lyla is not very social and prefers to walk alone with us. We have tried, but not all dogs are willing to share their time with their humans. 

January Is National Walk Your Pet Month - Tips And Ideas For Better Pet Walking Experiences
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Following up with my Word Of The Year I hope to inspire you to walk your pets more often, not just this month, but every month. 

Our Lyla has mobility issues and I know that walking her for too long can be very uncomfortable. I also know however that walking her is important to her health and well being. 

Dogs are like people in a lot of ways. They need not only physical exercise but they do like to get out of their norm. Just because Lyla has a yard does not mean she is without desire to explore outside of it. Even though Lyla is not very social, we do attempt to get her near other pets. We know since she lost her brother Glover, and Mama Dog Brandy, that getting close to another dog has been a challenge for her but maybe one day she will just happen to like another pup and become friends. 

Walking your pets is healthy for them emotionally, and keeps their senses sharp! Dogs love to sniff around, and a new smell for a pet is like getting a new pair of boots to us! 

Sending love and belly rubs for all your furkids. What? Do you want a belly rub too? ?

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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