Algenist Skincare and Beauty Products – My Opinion

Disclosure: I did receive some surprise goodies from Algenist that prompted this article. I was under no obligation to write about Algenist, nor am I being paid. 

It was about a year or so ago that I first had the chance to try Algenist skin care. Honestly, I have no concept of time, maybe it was more than a year ago. Anyway, I was selected to participate in a Sephora Beauty Trial. I was testing the Algenist GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Vitamin C+ Serum.


Algenist Skincare and Beauty Products - My Opinion


Now everyone’s skin is different, and not all products work the same on everyone’s skin, but for me, this was literally the cream of the crop when it came to reducing fine lines, deeper wrinkles, and giving my face a youthful glow. Not to mention increasing the elasticity of my skin! So of course I was concerned!


What type of magical product could work so well unless it was filled with a ton of chemical ingredients that I would not want on my skin!

My curious mind had to know … so I did some research.

First and most important to me – Algenist does not test on animals! Score one huge point for Algenist!

Second and also very important to me – Algenist is a Green company!

Other bonus points for Algenist come from the fact that they do not use Parabeans, is hypo-allergenic, and contain sun-blocking ingredients.

I was impressed and amazed. 

I of course wanted to continue to use this line and explore more of the line, including some of their beauty products.

My wonderful husband did keep encouraging me to buy Algenist because I never stopped raving about how wonderful it was, how great it made my skin look, and feel, however with needing to test many other products, I never got around to making a purchase.

Then something happened … 

Today I received something in the mail that has made my entire holiday!

Algenist Skincare and Beauty Products - My Opinion

A box full of Algenist goodies, including Algenist Anti-Aging Cream!!

Don’t worry friends, and family, you will still be the most important part of my holidays, but Algenist comes in close second! Sorry-not-sorry.

I am so grateful to Algenist for sending me this gorgeous holiday surprise and I give huge kudos to their creative gift packaging skills! They actually gave me some great ideas for my own gift packaging for next year!

Algenist Skincare and Beauty Products - My Opinion

Now I do not want to take away from other skin care lines that I have tried and fell in love with over the past year. I used to think that I only had room in my daily skin care regimen for one brand and that I had to find that “one brand” and that this brand would be the best of the best. However, I have learned that I can mix and match, or use different products at different times, on different days. With that said, Algenist is in my top 5 of all skin care lines I have ever used, of all time. For the purpose of anti-aging, and glowing youthful skin, it is #1 in my book.

Yes, Algenist skincare is a bit more expensive, so if it is too pricey for you, I understand, it was for me not long ago as well! For me, there are a few things in life I do not want to skimp on, one of those things is good coffee, another, my pets health care and quality food, healthy food for myself, and my family, and skin care!

Algenist Skincare and Beauty Products - My Opinion

One is never – ever too young to start taking great care of their skin, but once you hit around 30 you had better be putting it as one of the top priorities in your life or you will most likely have regrets. I am now 47 and I am putting Algenist at the top of my skincare routine to keep as much of my youthful glow as I can.

Yes, I will purchase Algenist with my own cash, and not just hope for more gifts, although I would not refuse more, who would?

Algenist can also be purchased at Sephora where you can build up some nice points toward some extra goodies.

I plan to buy the Algenist GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Vitamin C+ Serum that I loved when I first tried it. I am sure it will work even better with the cream I received.

I realize it is too late to add Algenist to your holiday wish list, but you can always use those Sephora gift cards you receive on it, or that holiday cash!

If all else fails, splurge on yourself! I am going to because each and every one of us is worth it! 



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