Why You Should Be Wearing Aromaearth Instead of Perfume

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I absolutely love perfume and I admit to owning my share, but I have always known they are not particularly good for me and filled with chemicals. Years ago I even attempted blending my own essential oil perfumes. I had my successes, and failures, but came to realize, I was simply not motivated enough to continue that journey.


This is why I am overjoyed to have found Aromaearth this past week!

Aromaearth uses natural essential oils in their perfume blends to create dreamy scents for every personality, like their Cali Blue, which is the perfect beachy scent.


Why You Should Be Wearing Aromaearth Instead of Perfume

Cali Blue comes in a roll on, a spray, and a luxurious body wash and is a great scent for both the ladies and the gents! My husband loves it! So does celebrity Giles Marini!

Why You Should Be Wearing Aromaearth Instead of Perfume

Cali Blue has a natural citrus medley of lemon, orange, mandarin and bergamot as top notes, a floral bouquet of lily, lavender, rose and a whisper of night blooming jasmine in the middle notes, and an ambery, vanilla, musky sage-like base-note. The combination is a clean, beachy fragrance, reminiscent of spending vacations at the beach, but if that does not sound like your cup of tea perhaps you want something sweet, or more floral and romantic. Aromaearth has that for you too.
One of my favorites is their essential oil perfume called Faithful. A beautiful blend made with 100% natural essential oils of lemon, bergamot, orange, ylang-ylang, and a vanilla base. Blended with sweet almond oil and vitamin e this perfume blend has absolutely no chemical elements.
Why You Should Be Wearing Aromaearth Instead of Perfume
On me, because perfumes smell different on each of us due to body chemistry, Faithful starts out really sweet, almost like a lemon sugar candy scent. Then the lovely vanilla notes start to come through, followed by the floral, and fruity notes. Then within minutes, all these scrumptious scents blend in a perfect harmony as one.
Faithful is a lighter scent and totally non-assaulting, the kind of scent you smell when you brush past someone closely, and the memory of it lingers forever.

Can you tell that I love it? I DO! 

Speaking of love, did you know that 143 is the text symbol for “I love you”? I didn’t! But Aromaearth created this heady, luscious blend to evoke love.
Why You Should Be Wearing Aromaearth Instead of Perfume

I can say they sure did capture a very romantic aroma in 143.

143 is a powdery, floral-Polynesian vanilla fragrance opening with an Italian bergamot, peach nectar and almond nuance in the top notes which leads to a floral heart of magnolia, neroli, honeysuckle and night blooming jasmine in the middle notes then finish with a musky, ambery-vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood base note. 143 is perfect for day or nighttime wearing.
I am a major fan of Neroil and one thing I learned while working with essential oils both for perfume blends and therapeutic reasons is that Neroli is one of the few essential oils scientifically proven to increase serotonin production in the brain. Serotonin makes us feel contented and cheerful.
That is one cool thing about wearing Aromaearth essential oil blends, they can actually make you feel better, unlike chemical perfumes which can make you feel worse!

Summer Bliss, another favorite of mine, is another that is 100% essential oil blend with lemon, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, bergamot, with a base of vanilla, blended with sweet almond oil and vitamin e.

Why You Should Be Wearing Aromaearth Instead of Perfume

What I love about Summer Bliss is that to me it is a nice combination of Cali Blue and Faithful, having both the sweet candy-like element and a crisp, refreshing aroma as well. I just can not stop smelling it – it is addictive! Love!

Since I received these essential oil perfume blends I have pretty much spent my time sitting around sniffing them non-stop. They are so well blended, well balanced, and I am very happy that I have finally met the perfect place to get my essential oil perfume blend desire fulfilled!
Aromaearth has other cool products I will be introducing in the very near future as well, such as jewelry, and even pet products.  
Also, be sure that you are following my Instagram feed for a major discount coming soon! 
Have you heard of Aromaearth before today? Have you tried them? What did you think of their essential oil perfume blends? If you have not yet heard of them or tried them which of these scents is your must try? Let me know in the comments below, I love hearing from you! 




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