What I Am Wearing Today #16 Is This October?

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Wow what a gorgeous day today! It’s breezy but not cold, and the sun is shining! Is this really October? This is not normal Kansas weather for October!


Today I am wearing a cute 3/4 sleeve v-neck causal mini tee shirt dress from Meaneor on Amazon. This is from their Plus Size collection. This is their navy blue color but it is much more of a teal color if you ask me. This cute style also comes in four other colors. It comes with a wide stretchy belt but fair warning, if you are thin in the mid section this belt probably will not fit you. It is a bit large on me.


What I Am Wearing Today #16 Is This October?


This dress would be super cute with a scarf or many other styles of belts at the waist. That is one thing I love about this cute mini dress, you can change the entire look of it with how you belt it and the accessories you add to it.

The material is your basic tee shirt type of fabric which makes it breezy, easy to wear, and comfy.

What I Am Wearing Today #16 Is This October?

I felt like wearing moccasins today. In all honesty, assuming the cold weather was coming soon, and not taking care of my feet the way I usually do, I had not painted my toenails in ages. Let’s just leave it at no one needed to see me in sandals today, even if the weather said it was sandal wearing time! So I dug in my closet until I found my black fringe, beaded, Minnetonkas.

What I Am Wearing Today #16 Is This October?

Minnetonka boots are great in any weather. Plus they look super cute with this dress since the beading pulls in some added color. I also love the back of this dress with the criss cross.

What I Am Wearing Today #16 Is This October?

The Meaneor tee dress is very basic so the criss cross in the back adds some needed style but it is super cute and I love to look good without much fuss most of the time. I also love that it has a fuller cut for curvier figures, and elbow length sleeves to cover my larger upper arms.

What I Am Wearing Today #16 Is This October?

Fair warning, this is a mini dress with a full skirt so if the breeze catches you – look out! I wear boy shorts under my mini dresses to aid in these situations.

What I Am Wearing Today #16 Is This October?

This bracelet is simply gorgeous and goes with so many of my outfits. Please ignore the close up of my hair arm. Just look at the bracelet.

What I Am Wearing Today #16 Is This October?

It is also available on Amazon and is called Candy by Menton Ezil. I own a handful of the items from Meton Ezil and have been pretty happy with the quality and durability. They offer other colors of metal and stones, and for the price point it is a nice buy.

My necklace is a rose gold curved bar necklace with gemstones, you can find similar here or here for a less expensive version.

Today’s fashion is everything I wanted it to be. Casual, but cute, fun, flirty, and welcoming of this sunny October day.

What I Am Wearing Today #16 Is This October?

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I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to comment below. What are you wearing today?

What To Buy:

Meaneor Plus Sized Mini Dress – Currently $16.99 on Amazon with free Amazon Prime shipping – comes in 5 Colors.

Minnetonka Moccasins – Find your favorite style for Fall.

Gold Bar Necklace – higher priced versionlower priced version.

Candy Bracelet by Menton Ezil – comes in other colors.

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