Profile: Tibet, Cat, Dog, or Sloth?

This is the second article in my new series on our furkids. The first article, Profile: Pumpkin, The Cat Who Came Back, is a great read if you love cats so please check her out too.

Tibet is our eldest cat, and known to all who adore her as “sloth kitty”.

The reason she is known as sloth kitty is that she allows us to drape her around our necks, and she will sloth into a downward position, with her head hanging below her feet.

She not only allows this way of holding her but prefers it. When we try to hold her in a normal fashion, she will wiggle around until her body is in perfect sloth position. Although Tibet is known as our sloth kitty she truly is at her core a dog kitty and you will find out about the reasons we refer to her as both as you continue reading.

Profile: Tibet, Cat, Dog, or Sloth?

 Tibet joined our lives fourteen years ago, the baby of a cat who is no longer with us. Her mama’s name was Other.

She was first called Tid Bit because she was so tiny as a kitten, but she has long outgrown that name and became Tibit because when my kids were little that is how her name sounded when they spoke it.
To me, the most important thing about Tibet is how in tune she is to the needs of the humans around her. She is known as sloth kitty, but I call her the healer kitty. When anyone in our home is sick she senses it. Tibet will lay next to you, or on you, if you let her, directly on the area in which you have pain or a medical issue of any kind.
Tibet is not the most photogenic cat, but she is loving, sweet, and cares about her human family deeply.
I do worry about her, she is getting up there in age, but she is a tough ol’ gal, and I hope she is with us for many more years to come.

20 Facts About Tibet: 

1. Tibet’s best friend in the world was Brandi, who passed away in July of 2015. Brandy and Tibet cuddled constantly, and Tibet was by Brandi’s side as she slipped away from us.
Profile: Tibet, Cat, Dog, or Sloth?
R.I.P. Brandy July 2015
2. Tibet loves sweets! All of our pets try to get a lick in on salty things, such as chips, which are terrible for them, but Tibet goes crazy every time we have a dessert, cookies, cakes, you name it!
3. Tibet can not meow, but she can hiss, and when she purrs she sounds like a pigeon.
4. Like the sloth that she is, she sleeps all day, and most of the evening, on the sofa, on top of a specific blanket know as “the marshmallow”. If you move the blanket, Tibet moves to where you relocated it. We often have to move her marshmallow in order to sit where we want to on our sofa.
5. Tibet loves getting into unusual places, from the shower to the dryer, Tibet is an explorer!
Profile: Tibet, Cat, Dog, or Sloth?
6. Tibet takes on attributes of other pets after they pass. When our sweet JubJub passed away, Tibet took on one of his very unique traits of waiting outside of the shower to lick our legs dry! Tibet had never taken any interest in this bizarre behavior until after JubJub was no longer with us. The day after his passing, Tibet was right there, where JubJub used to wait for whoever was in the shower, to get out so she could take up his leg licking routine. Brandy used to be the one on the sofa with us all day and or evening, and Tibet, after Brandy’s passing, took over that spot to be with us.
7. Tibet’s other favorite place to rest is in the cubby portion of our seven-foot cat tree. She claimed this space and all the other cats know she gets it when she wants it.
8. Tibet is a great mouser. We do not have mice, but anytime Tibet finds anything remotely hunt worthy, she captures it and makes this strange sound alerting us to her capture. She especially loves doing this with hair ties, and rubber bands.
9. Tibet loves doing photo shoots with me. She does not like to be posed, but in many of my photos that I take inside, Tibet is the one always trying to sneak into the shot! I have had to edit her out of so many of my pictures, I should just start leaving her in them! Like I said she is not that photogenic, but then neither am I! She does love getting into the photos though.
10. Tibet’s claws do not fully retract. I have been told this is because she is part Siamese. She does not mean to claw you, but she inevitably will.
11. She loves to go outside and lay on the hard cement patio to roll around and scratch. She also scratches against our patio furniture.
12. Tibet has the most gorgeous blue eyes. When caught in just the right lighting the depth of her blue really comes out, as do her markings, which are fading with age. Isn’t that how it goes for all of us!
Profile: Tibet, Cat, Dog, or Sloth?
13. Like the dog Tibet thinks she is, your food is never safe around her! If she can’t jump up and sneak stealing something off your plate, or out of your bowl, she will be there, stalking, until you are done to lick up whatever remains!
14. Tibet knows every sound in the kitchen. She won’t waste her time running in for a treat when treat sounds are not specifically being made. Our other pets may come running at the slightest movement in the kitchen, but Tibet knows which sounds are meant for her, and which is meant for us. Granted, that won’t keep her from attempting to get at our food once at the table, but until the food is served, she will continue being lazy wherever she is at.
15. We have recently discovered that Tibet’s all time favorite food to try stealing from us is string cheese. Tibet can not be trusted around that stuff!
16. Tibet loves staring out the window, which I suppose is not such an uncommon trait, but she is specifically looking for squirrels. Once again, Tibet thinks she is a dog!
Profile: Tibet, Cat, Dog, or Sloth?

17. Tibet gives a fair warning to the other cats, if they get within six inches of her personal space she opens her mouth and lets out an airy hiss. Tibet loved her brothers JubJub, and Vino, who she grew up with, but she was never fond of the newer arrivals. She does tolerate Nub and has begun to allow him to snuggle up to her, as long as they are not face to face! I do not think Tibet realizes their rumps are almost forming a heart. I think the fact of the matter is, Tibet does love Nub, he is the only male cat in the house now, and king of the pride, whether Tibet likes it or not.

Profile: Tibet, Cat, Dog, or Sloth?

18. Tibet is first in line in the pecking order when it comes to being fed. Even our dog Lyla knows this! Tibet is also the one who will steal your food right out from under your nose. The other cats step aside and allow this so I have to keep my eyes on them while they eat.

19. While Tibet enjoys a good box like any cat, she prefers large paper bags, like those you would bring food home from a restaurant in. She is particularly fond of those from Olive Garden.

20. And just to once again point out how dog like our Tibet is, she digs into the trash can if left exposed.

I do hope you enjoyed reading about our Tibet. We love her dearly. She is the epitome of what a cat is known to be, independent, stubborn, and a pain in the rear. She is also intuitive, loving, and snuggly. Cats are pawsome! 

I would love to hear about your furkids, cats, dogs, fish, sloths, whatever they may be. 



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