Profile: Pumpkin, The Cat That Came Back

I have decided to formally introduce you all to our furkids and extended fur family over the next several months.

In deciding which of our loves to start with I figured it was only right to feature Pumpkin since it is October after all.

Profile: Pumpkin Kitty - We Love Our Fur-Family

This is Pumpkin. She is our youngest furkid. Pumpkin’s story is actually quite interesting. At the time she came around we already had three dogs and four cats. She was always on our front patio, crying to come inside. She tried to run into our house every time we came home.

We gave her tons of love and made her a kitty city on our front patio out of styrofoam coolers, lots of blankets, and plenty of food and water.

She was essentially spoiled before she even became “ours”.

We noticed that she would trek back and forth between our home and one other which was across a busy street. Every time I watched her go from my home to the other I cringed, praying she would make it across the street safely.

I watched this process for over two months and realized no one at the house was caring for her.

She was not being let inside, nor was she being paid attention to outside, nor was she being fed or watered. Then I realized it was not that house she was going to, but into the field next to the home! Pumpkin was a huntress!

I always called her the “wildcat” and not just because she was a stray. You could tell by her personality, and even her look, that she had a little bit of a wild side.

Eventually, it turned bitterly cold, way too cold for sweet Pumpkin to be left outside, even with her warm blankets and her kitty city.

Her attempts to get in where more frequent and her crying was intolerable. I felt terrible for her. We let her in.

Profile: Pumpkin Kitty - We Love Our Fur-Family

We loved her so very much but at the time we lived in a much smaller home and we were very over crowded.

In addition, our neighbor lady was literally a cat hoarder and we were in a constant struggle to find homes, and get veterinarian care for the sickly cats that were forever coming and going from her house.

That is an entirely different story, but it did have an effect on our finances, and our emotions.

We decided since Pumpkin had only been “our cat” and inside the home for a few weeks that we would try to find her her own nice home.

In a short time, we found a lovely couple that wanted to take her in. We had a firm agreement that if for any reason they could not keep her that they would let us know.

There was security in knowing they would live up to their agreement since they rented a home from my mother and had been long time occupants.

The days following giving Pumpkin away I was torn apart! I literally cried about missing her. It felt like I had given up a child! I wondered if she felt unwanted, unloved if she liked her new home. It all left me with an intense sense of guilt and shame.

Profile: Pumpkin Kitty - We Love Our Fur-Family
One of my favorite photos of Pumpkin.

Then it all changed: 

Within only a short couple weeks we received a call. The couple that adopted Pumpkin said that Pumpkin was a terror! That she was reaping havoc with their other pets. Scratching everything to pieces, and that they felt she hated them! This was not the Pumpkin I knew!

I could not have been more overjoyed! Seriously I was thankful that Pumpkin had been so bad! We went straight over to retrieve my furbaby!

Pumpkin was back home!

Never did she do any of the things the couple said she did at their home. She is a lively cat and has a wild side but she is good to our other pets. With exception of Tibet perhaps, who is mean to her so Pumpkin at times will defend herself, but Pumpkin was and is a sweetheart!

Finally, our home was whole again.

Profile: Pumpkin Kitty - We Love Our Fur-Family

I will never give up a pet again. Even if I have only had it a few days. I admire those who can rescue animals and let go of them to other homes. I know now, I am not capable of that.

Now that we live out of the city we do not have the feral or stray cat issue we once did. I am thankful for that as I know pets need vet care that can be expensive! I also know that a home can only be home to so many animals before the pets become territorial and feel over crowded themselves.

Pumpkin loves her home with us, she has her best friend, her “boyfriend” Nub who she cuddles with all of the time. We love her spunky, sometimes wild, personality, and she is the best cuddler to us as well.

Profile: Pumpkin Kitty - We Love Our Fur-Family

20 Facts About Pumpkin:

1. She was named for the time of year she began to come around, and her orange nose.

2. Her best “boyfriend” is Nub.

3. She has the most beautiful markings that make her look like a wild cat.

4. She has super pointy ears.

5. She has a sensitive tummy and will only eat high-quality foods.

6. She has never been sick.

7. She can scale a 7-foot tall cat tree in a second flat! She is a climber!

8. She asks for the least amount of treats of all our pets.

9. Pumpkin will gently put her paw directly on our faces when she wants attention at night.

10. She mews loudly for attention.

11. She loves to be on the highest rung of the cat tree.

12. She is the only pet we have that has no interest in getting outside!

13. She is the messiest cat when using the litter box!

14. She is also known as Pumpkin Butters or just Butters.

15. She is about 5 years old.

16. She will only sit on one side of the sofa, and whoever is sitting on that side gets sat on.

17. She is not very graceful when jumping down from a high place. She lands with a thud!

18. She looks beautiful in the sunlight. Her colors really stand out and her eyes glow.

19. Pumpkin loves to cuddle at night but only after being petted for 15 minutes!

20. She is very demanding.

Profile: Pumpkin Kitty - We Love Our Fur-Family
Another favorite photo of Pumpkin.

Our pets are more than pets. They are our family, our furkids. I know those of you who have pets all feel the same way.

I would love to hear about your furbabies in the comments below! Please share with us.

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