Profile Nub: A Winter’s Tail Err Ummm Tale

If you have read my previous pet profiles you may already know about our “Hobo Kitty City” and about how we took in a few stray cats here and there. The tale of Pumpkin, and of Tibet, which I hope you enjoyed.

Well now it is time for the tail, I mean tale, of Nub, the head bunting, big, sweet-hearted Romeo of a cat!

Profile Nub: A Winter's Tail Err Ummm Tale


Nub was a neighborhood cat. We were never quite sure if he was “owned” by anyone, a stray, or what. All we knew for sure was he was far from feral. Nub was and is to this day the most loyal, loving, cat you will ever meet.

We thought he may have been the sibling of a female cat that lived catty corner (no pun intended) from us, who seemed to have a human in her life. They had the same markings and often hung out together, yet the female, who we called Molly, would disappear for weeks at a time, whereas Nub was always at our doorstep.

Molly was also a very sweet cat and we loved her dearly, but I felt certain the man who lived catty corner from us took her inside, where Nub just seemed to be alone.

We took care of Nub, fed him when he cried for food, which he often did, made sure he had access to fresh water and had a box to sleep in when it got cold. Yet we still were unsure if he had his own home or not, so we did not bring him into ours.


Profile Nub: A Winter's Tail Err Ummm Tale

After two years of loving Nub, and providing him care, one winter’s day he came to our doorstep crying like never before. We opened the door and there was precious Nub, all scratched up and bleeding. We instantly brought him in, cleaned him up, and nursed him to health. This only took a few days but during that time he acclimated from being frightened by our other pets, to be a part of the family. More so being totally in love with the humans in the home.

We attempted to put him back out, just in case he did already have a human, but after two years of not seeing, or sensing such, we knew what was about to happen. Nub was about to become a member of our family.

Nub would no longer have any part of being an outside cat! He demanded to come in with pitiful cries at the door.

We at that time brought him in, named him Nub, and set up his first vet appointment.


Profile Nub: A Winter's Tail Err Ummm Tale
The ever pleasant Nub is not hissing, he is yawning.

The name Nub comes from our geek side. Harry and I play online games, and the term Noob or Newb is used in gaming and computer geekery for someone who is new. Well Noob was Nub’s first, but not formal name. Noob was new to us. Later his name became Nub, because we felt as if calling him Noob, for new, was undermining his status in our family. So Nub it was, and is what it is.

Granted Nub probably has more nick names than any other furkid in our household, but he answers to Nub the most.

Our Nub is a giant lump of love, a true Romeo and we actually should have named him that, except my mother has a dog named Romeo so that could have been confusing. He is also known at times as Oreo due to being black and white. We refer to him also as Lover Boy, Noobkins, Nubbykins, Nubby, Love Nub, The Great Nubinski, and many other funny names. All of our pets have pet names, as I am sure yours do too.

Sometimes I do wonder if we stole him from someone who loved him, but personally, if a cat comes to my door when he is hurt, he has come to the person he trusts the most, and therefore I was responsible for him.

We still wonder about Molly since we have moved. I also wonder if I separated Nub from his sister, but I know in my heart Nub is where he wants to be, and I know for a fact he is so very loved.

20 Facts About Nub:

1. Loves to head bunt. – I was going to call it head butting but I learned this from a great resource!

2. Nub can never be brushed enough. Not only does he love being brushed but his coat is so thick that even a two-minute brushing produces another cat! He has a very thick coat and I often wonder how big he would be if we shaved him.

3. Nub is our largest cat but eats the least! Which brings me back to my wonderings about the second fact!

4. He loves his curved perch in front of our large floor to ceiling window and eagerly waits for the curtains the to be
opened each morning.

Profile Nub: A Winter's Tail Err Ummm Tale
5. Nub loves all our other pets, although Tibet only tolerates him.

6. Pumpkin is his best friend, and we think his girlfriend!
Profile Nub: A Winter's Tail Err Ummm Tale
7. Nub loves to lay on Lyla’s pillow. Lyla is our only pup, who’s profile is coming soon. Lyla tolerates Nub on her pillow, and will even sometimes lay on the pillow with Nub, although never touching him!
Profile Nub: A Winter's Tail Err Ummm Tale
8. Since Nub was brought into our home he has never wanted to go outside, until this year. Now he is obsessed with the outdoors!

Profile Nub: A Winter's Tail Err Ummm Tale

9. He wants all of the other pets to love him. He is after all a lover boy! He tries to get Tibet to accept him, and sometimes she allows him to lay close to her, as long as they are not looking at each other!


Profile Nub: A Winter's Tail Err Ummm Tale

10. Nub has an unusual reaction to being petted or scratched in certain places, and if you hit those special spots it causes him to start licking himself almost involuntarily!

11. Nub loves sneaking into the counters more than any other cat in our household, and will stand by them begging for them to be opened so that he can crawl inside.

12. Nub has a very loud meow that sounds almost like a baby crying at times.

13. Sometimes when Nub meows it also almost sounds like human language, especially when he calls “Marrrrm” which of course means Mom.

14. Nub is very stiff in his body, I often wondered if he has some form of Palsy but the vet never mentioned that he did, and I never remember to ask, but he is overall very rigid.

15. If you pick him up he puts his arms forward like he is flying, he thinks he is superman.

16. Nub loves to cuddle and mostly lay on my chest so that he can head bunt me, but he does not really like being held, especially if you are standing up.

17. At night Nub has “his chair” which really used to be a very nice antique chair, but now it is rather a mess. It is Nub’s either way though, and he sleeps there until we go to bed.


Profile Nub: A Winter's Tail Err Ummm Tale
Nub caught me taking his photo and opened his eyes.

18. Nub is the only male furkid left in our family.

19. Just recently Nub learned how to open a door. Probably due to his deep desire to go outside and play.

20. Nub is a very agreeable, kind, gentle cat, other than that he weighs a ton when he stands on my chest, and likes to head bunt which sometimes hurts, he is the most gentle creature you will ever meet. I know he has the kindest kitty soul, he sure has soulful eyes.

I do hope you have enjoyed getting to know our Nub kitty. He needs more attention since he is so docile he tends to easily fade into the background. He needs more props so I hope that you will comment and show him some love. 

If you liked this story about Nub you may want to read an older article about Nub and his love Pumpkin.




  1. Josie R
    August 29, 2017 / 1:50 pm

    So cute, I love how much you love your animals! I have three cats and I’d love to get a dog, but I’m currently in an apartment and a little cramped.

    • August 29, 2017 / 8:15 pm

      Awee thank you so much! I do adore them to bits! Ah yes you may want to wait for a bigger place but it’s so tempting isn’t it! Having pets in an apartment can get expensive too – here we have to pay extra rent on each pet!

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