Pet Profile: Lyla – A Ruff Life But Very Loved

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Today’s Pet Profile is all about our sweet little Lyla.

Our Lyla came to be with us right after she was weaned.

Pet Profile: Lyla - A Ruff Life But Very Loved

Little Lyla was always a frail little pup.

I expect it has a lot to do with the place we got her from which seemed sketchy.

Lyla was, of course, a playful, spunky pup, as most little dogs are.

Pet Profile: Lyla - A Ruff Life But Very Loved

Not long after being with us, she broke her little leg.

I won’t go into the horrifying scenario because I can’t relive it, but we rushed her straight to the emergency vet and got her fixed up.

My heart broke when I heard her little puppy yelp. I held her and cried all the way to the vet.

Pet Profile: Lyla - A Ruff Life But Very Loved

She recovered, however, I did not feel the vet had set her leg correctly.

This was later verified by our current vet who is very good.

To this day her leg is crooked.

While she gets around fine, it looks painful and is hard to look at. My poor baby Lyla.

As Lyla grew, so did her gorgeous coat! She had the longest, softest, prettiest fur!

Pet Profile: Lyla - A Ruff Life But Very Loved

Lyla’s heavy coat caused her to overheat in the Spring and Summer so we had her hair cut back to provide her cooling and comfort.

Shortly after having her groomed she developed a thyroid issue, and her hair never fully came back but we think she is still beautiful.

Pet Profile: Lyla - A Ruff Life But Very Loved

Lyla has developed arthritis, hip, kneecap, and joint issues.

She gets Charlie horses and has to stretch her legs often to get her kneecap back into place or get her joints stretched, and get her overall alignment back.

It is so hard to see your furbaby suffer and not be able to ask them what you can do for them.

This is why great veterinarian care is so crucial and why I taught my kids never to have pets until they can afford to properly feed, and care for them.

With all of her issues, Lyla is one spoiled, and very happy pup.

She is also a camera ham, often taking a starring role in many sponsored articles, such as this article for PetSmart Grooming where Lyla got a spa day treatment for her birthday!

I love this image from that article:

Pet Profile: Lyla - A Ruff Life But Very Loved

I think you can see how proud she is after her grooming where she got all the extras! 

One last catastrophe… 

Just a few months ago Lyla was out in her own fenced yard, happy as a lark, going potty, and playing.

I was right inside the house but heard the most horrific yelping!

Little Lyla was pinned down by our neighbor’s one hundred fifty-pound Bull Mastiff!

Now I honestly feel the Mastiff was simply playing with Lyla, but when you are a tiny little Papillon / Pomeranian mix and easily scared, you go into a defensive posture.

For Lyla, this was on her back yelping.

The Mastiff did take a chunk out of Lyla’s back and separated her skin from her muscle tissue.

This took medication, and a few weeks to heal.

Ironically now her fur grows rampant in the area of her injury!

Our neighbor felt horrible, and how his giant Mastiff jumped our fence is beyond us all.

We did not sue or anything of that nature as animals are instinctual, and it was an accident, although they are more careful now about keeping their dogs in their own yard!

Plus, the neighbor’s wife punished him enough.

So as you can see, or read that is, Lyla has had her challenges, but she is loved, adored, and we feel blessed to have her in our lives.

So that brings us to …

20 Facts About Lyla

1. Our little Lyla is a chowhound!

Although she is at a healthy weight, she can eat like a horse and not
get too fat.

It is amazing to me since she cannot run fast and wear off what she takes in.

She must have a high metabolism.

2. She has an obsession with licking her paw, a hot spot.

We try to keep her distracted from it when we see her licking it too much.

3. She gets extremely scared and nervous during storms.

We have tried medicating her but she adapted to the medication, so we stopped and now use natural calming techniques like massage, a Thunder Shirt, and distraction. Update: Lyla now is so much calmer and happier due to Therabis.

4. She rarely has an accident on the floor, unless it is during a storm.

Due to her fear of storms sometimes we have an accident but Lyla is very good at lettings us know when she needs to go outside.

She has always been a very well behaved pup.

5. Lyla knows her medication schedule better than we do.

If we miss medicine time by even a few minutes, Lyla is reminding us. This is because she gets her medicine in a pill pocket. She also knows her treat time to a T as well.

Pet Profile: Lyla - A Ruff Life But Very Loved

6. Toys do not seem to interest her.

They did when she was a puppy, but she lost interest in them when she became a big girl. We are up for trying new things but usually unless there is a treat involved, she has no interest.

7. Lyla loves her car rides and gets at least one every weekend.

Sometimes she also gets a surprise car ride during the week.

She loves to feel her fur, what is left of it, blowing in the wind.

Pet Profile: Lyla - A Ruff Life But Very Loved

8. Lyla misses her brother Glover, and her sister Brandy.

Not blood siblings, but they were the three amigos and she misses them both dearly.

9. She is not a huge fan of cats.

Lyla does tolerate them as long as they do not encroach too much on her property.

Sometimes she will “share” her pillow with Nub but only if Nub has laid down on Lyla’s pillow first.

10. Sadly, she is not very sociable with other animals.

She does alright when we take her to PetSmart, but I would not set her loose in a doggie park.

Lyla seems to think she is a big dog, and I am afraid she would send out the wrong signals and end up hurt.

Also, since she has many injuries, she could get hurt simply trying to play with other animals.

She still gets some exercise though and can run, just not like she used to.

Pet Profile: Lyla - A Ruff Life But Very Loved

11. More her size, Lyla loves chasing squirrels.

I think most dogs do though.

12. Frozen Carrots and peas are two of her favorite snacks.

Lyla demands frozen veggies daily.

She gets testy if she does not have them and like other treat times reminds me when it’s time for her carrots.

Sometimes, bribing her with carrots is the only way to get her to come inside.

13. Other than car rides, in the Spring and Summer, Lyla gets treated to lawn mower rides.

With the blades turned off for her safety, Lyla enjoys a ride around our large yard.

You can read more about Lyla’s lawnmower rides here.

Pet Profile: Lyla - A Ruff Life But Very Loved

14. Adorable little Lyla makes the cutest sounds while sleeping.

The sounds she makes are sort of a long, soft, squeal like sound.

15. Lucky dog that she is, she loves our floor to ceiling windows.

She lays by one all day looking outside.

This means often she is barking at something or someone.

That brings me to the next fact about Lyla…

16. On the dark side, she does not like children!

The smaller they are the more threatened by them she is, and the angrier she gets.

This was not so bad until we had new neighbors move in across the street.

They have several small kids.

Now Lyla has something to bark at most every day.

Fun for her, annoying for me since she sleeps by the floor to ceiling window in my office.

This just happens to be directly across the street from the neighbors with kids!

17. Like many pets, she gets clumped up tear stains on her fur by her eyes.

Lyla loves warm moist cotton rounds on her eyes as a little spa treatment.

Granted, most of the time I gently pick the clumps away but a few times a month, mama will moisten some cotton rounds with warm water and gently hold them on Lyal’s eyes for a few minutes.

This spa treatment relaxes Lyla and I can tell she loves and appreciates it.

18. She has a doggie bed in every room of the house that we spend time in.

The office, living room, and our bedroom are the main areas she enjoys the comfort of her doggie pillows.

She does not take to new pillows very well and prefers older ones that are flattened down.

This does not seem the most comforting to me, as I would prefer the cushiness of a new pillow.

It takes time for Lyla to appreciate her new ones.

I guess they do not have her smell on them yet.

19. Lyla’s birthday is April 1st.

It’s no joke, Lyla was born on the prankster day of the year.

20. Her favorite thing in the world is getting belly rubs and a long puppy massage.

You can just see the stress melt away, and a smile comes across her little puppy face.

She truly appreciates and enjoys being given extra love, and I try to give her a massage once a day.

Pet Profile: Lyla - A Ruff Life But Very Loved

I hope you enjoyed learning more about our Lyla. If you did please be sure to check out my other Pet Profiles, and look for more to come! 

Please Comment! I love hearing from you, and Lyla would love to hear what you think about her profile. 


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