Cold Brew Coffee Lovers Rejoice – I Am Absolutely Stoked About Stōk Cold Brew Coffee

About a month ago I saw a new type of cold brew coffee at my local store. Being a coffee fanatic I have tried every type of coffee, and brewing technique imaginable. I do love cold brew and find it easier to grab and gulp down in the mornings, so when I saw Stōk Cold Brew Coffee in the store I had to try it. 

I bought one 48 ounce bottle, selecting the un-sweet version so that I could add my own creamers when desired. I got it home, opened it up, took a sip, and my world changed. 

Cold Brew Coffee Lovers Rejoice - Stōk Coffee To The Rescue!

Now perhaps only true coffee lovers can understand the jubilation I experienced upon tasting something with deep, rich, complexity. Notes of chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and an almost smoky essence make Stōk magnificent in my book. 

Keep in mind flavor notes are not flavor additives. Notes are naturally occurring flavors in the coffee itself, depending on the bean used, region of growth, and other factors, just like the grapes used in wine, where the coffee bean comes from makes a difference, not to mention how it is roasted. In any case, I was in love! 

As a blogger, it is my job to seek out brands I love and request to work with them and I wanted to show Stōk some love and appreciation so I shot out a tweet

Cold Brew Coffee Lovers Rejoice - Stōk Coffee To The Rescue!
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Stōk saw my tweet, liked it, and I was hopeful my new connection had begun. I was hopeful we could collaborate on a promotion of their excellent product, and of course hopeful for some free Stōk coffee. Yes I was not even in it to get paid for promoting them, I loved their coffee so much I was willing to work for coffee! 

I will get back to the results of this but first I want to tell you a little more about Stōk. 

When you visit their website, and I hope that you will, you will find a dynamic layout with a lot of images, each leading you on a new adventure in learning about Stōk. Everything from their brewing process, to their Stōkabulary, which is an area you must read! 

Stōk even offers a DIY section on their website where you can learn to craft your own cold brew coffee. This is where my fellow foodies and DIY people will want to head first! 

I have prepared my own cold brew coffee before, using very expensive beans purchased from my favorite local coffee roaster and while it was very good, the time involved, the work, and the cost, just did not equal the ease of picking up some Stōk cold brew coffee at the store! Truth be told, it was nearly not as tasty either! 

So I am now officially a Stōkaholic, enjoying a glass right now as I write this and while I initially purchased the non-sweet version in order to add my own creamers, or flavorings, I have discovered that it tastes so perfect as is, that I need not add a thing to it. This has also cut back on my coffee additive costs. However, if you do wish to add creamers, or flavors I can tell you that using Stōk Cold Brew Coffee as your base makes one heck of a great iced latte! 

So what happened with my reaching out to Stōk? Well a customer service rep wrote back to me and said while they receive a lot of requests and my email would be forwarded to their marketing department. In the mean time they would send me some VIP coupons. 

Cold Brew Coffee Lovers Rejoice - Stōk Coffee To The Rescue!

Whether this was a polite way of saying “we have bigger fish to fry thanks for asking.” or was a sincere gesture I did receive two coupons, each for a free 48 ounce Stōk coffee bottle. 

Perhaps I will hear back from them in the future, or perhaps they are working with larger blogs, whatever the case, I took my two coupons and used them the next day! Hey, I can be pretty easy when I really love something! This is testament to you my readers of just how yummy this coffee is, so if you are reading this and wondering what my motivation is to write about Stōk, know it is because I love it and it is that good! 

Cold Brew Coffee Lovers Rejoice - Stōk Coffee To The Rescue!

Now granted even for the big bucks I would not endorse a product that I do not believe in. I would never recommend something to my readers that I would not purchase for myself, but I honestly have very little extra time in my day to write for brands that otherwise could have paid me, and are probably paying others for marketing, unless I absolutely love them. 

I have absolutely no hard feelings toward Stōk for not bringing me into their marketing plans, after all they may not even have any plans right now, or maybe it is me haha! Whatever the case may be, I did get two free bottles of Stōk, I picked up a Not Too Sweet version, which I had not tried before and is also delicious, and I am happy. 

Cold Brew Coffee Lovers Rejoice - Stōk Coffee To The Rescue!

So if you are having a butt dragging day, need a scrumptious pick me up, and love excellent coffee, give Stōk a try! Then come back and let me know in the comments what you think about Stōk. I would love to hear your reaction. 

See if Stōk can be purchased in your area.

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