Remember When … a #BehindTheBlogger Writing Prompt

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Today’s #BehindTheBlogger writing prompt and link up topic is “Remember When”.

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Remember When ... a #BehindTheBlogger Writing Prompt

I do not know if I am just getting too old but it sure seems our society is desensitized to everything these days. We do not appreciate the small things in life, let alone the bigger things like each other.

We are rushing around to the point we fail to even type a full sentence, we are in such a hurry we are typing and texting rather than speaking for that matter!

Let’s  take a look back to the good ol’ days and remember a few things that we are now missing out on in life …

Remember When … Television was clean and family friendly?

Remember When … Men were gentlemen and ladies were ladies?

Remember When … People spoke and typed in full sentences.

Remember When … We were taught, and demonstrated manners and expected to use them?

Remember When … Neighbors communicated regularly, helped each other out, and got together every now and then?

These are just a handful of things I think about from time to time.

Then there are other “Remember When” themes such as …

Remember When … We listened to music on albums and cherished our collection?

Remember When … Going to the drive-in movies on the weekend was a much-anticipated event?

Remember When … We had pay phones on almost every street corner.

Remember When … Cell phones were almost as big as our heads, then they got tiny, and now they are big again. Haha!

Remember When … The mechanical horse was right outside the grocery store and you could ride it for “only” five cents?

Ah how I do miss those days.

I know all of you have something that you remember from back when and I would love it if you would take a moment and share a comment below.

What comes to your mind when you hear the words … Remember When …

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Remember When ... a #BehindTheBlogger Writing Prompt

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