The Two Most Important Things To Have In Your Skin Care Routine

Lately, I have seen so many ads, commercials, etc for young women starting to use a moisturizer early in life and this is excellent advice! I tell my twenty one-year-old daughter all the time she needs to start using moisturizer now.

We also see so much about anti-aging serums for us middle age women. I use anti-aging serums, I use all sorts of creams, scrubs, etc. There are specialized products for everything, from under the eye, to the neck, and so on but even if you do not want to, do not have the time to, or the care to get into all of that there is one thing every women should do and that is use a basic moisturizer. Every man should do this as well and I am always telling my husband he needs to use moisturizer too.

Now I am not talking about using moisturizer for the purpose of keeping your skin young looking, even if that is one of your personal goals. For some of us, it is also too late to undo the damage we may have done in the sun before we knew about all the sun’s damaging effects! My mother was a sunbathing babe back in the day, and it did a world of damage to her skin that just can’t be undone without cosmetic surgery.

What I am talking about is keeping the largest organ you possess healthy! Skin is the largest organ of your body with a general mass size of about twenty feet! With all of the things, we do to keep ourselves healthy these days so many of us ignore the largest organ we have. Our skin serves a lot of purposes outside of covering what’s on our insides. From regulating our body temperature to protecting us from microbes our skin is important so why not take the best care of it?

So that means moisturizer is one of the two things every person should have in their skincare routine.
The second thing your skin needs to be healthy is water. I know you have all heard how important water is to our health overall but did you know that our skin needs water perhaps even more than you think? Water is absorbed by all of your other organs before the skin can absorb it.

That means if you do not regularly drink enough water your skin is dying of thirst! This can result in flaky, itchy, or even damaged skin.

The Two Most Important Things To Have In Your Skin Care Routine

Water helps to rid the skin of toxins as well which is also invaluable to your health as a whole.

Since our bodies lose water quickly throughout the day, either through sweating, or urination, or consuming salty foods, or drinking alcohol, to name a few ways we lose water, so we have to keep a steady supply on hand. Having a bottle of water on your desk while at work, tucked into your bag when you go shopping, and just always having water on you will encourage you to drink more.

Now I realize this information is nothing new to many of you but ask yourself, even if you already knew these facts, even if you already knew you should moisturize and drink plenty of water, are you doing so?

With all of the delicious ideas and recipes for mixing fruits and veggies into our water, you really can’t say water is boring. I love cucumber water or water with lemon and mint! In fact, I am going to go make some now! It takes seconds, seriously just made some lemon mint water because my mint was going to wilt soon anyway.

Oh, and adding vodka is a bad thing! If you are going to drink alcohol (and I do!) then you need to consume even more water!

The Two Most Important Things To Have In Your Skin Care Routine

If you have never tried adding some fresh fruit, herbs, or veggies to your water, you do not know what you are missing, it is just so refreshing!

So please try to put on moisturizer at least once, but at best twice a day, and drink more water! I do not care what brand of moisturizer you use, I have my favorites, but any is better than none! As for water, I know there is controversy about bottled versus tap, filtered, how it is filtered, etc. You drink what works for you, but drink more of it!

Play around with mixing and matching different herbs, veggies, and fruits. Here are a few of my favorites:

Strawberry and Sage
Lemon and Mint
Strawberry and Lime
Mango and Rosemary
Strawberry and Kiwi
Pineapple and Kiwi
Orange and Blueberry

Let your imagination go wild! 

Do you have any favorite water additives? I would love to hear about them!




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