Underneath It All – A #BehindTheBlogger Writing Prompt

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Underneath It All - A #BehindTheBlogger Writing Prompt
When I first heard of our latest prompt Underneath It All, the first question I asked myself, other than what to write, was what “It” is exactly. Because the #BehindTheBlogger writing prompts are meant to explore us as bloggers, and as women, I had to go with the “It” being me!
So I began to consider what to share, what is underneath me. Then that led me to the decision that underneath must be my foundation in life. Where it all began, what made me who I am today and why.
I was born in the summer of 1969, known to some as the year everything changed. In some ways I believe that is why I require so much change in my life. I become bored easily, especially when I feel I have mastered something, or when I feel I have no more room to grow. Could the way things where during the year I was born have an impact on that? Perhaps. It could also be that I am a Gemini who are known for loving a good challenge. Regardless, I do feel this is one reason I enjoy blogging so much. If I become bored with something, I can switch it up. If I feel I need a new mountain to climb, I can set new goals. I have worked from home, for myself for almost two decades now, and I do prefer being my own boss.
Both of my parents were young, and yes I was raised by hippies. My father was far more a hippie than my mother however. My mother has always been strong, rational, and logical. This mixed duo of parenting gave me a strong balance, and also was quite confusing at times as well. When younger I took after my father more than my mother, developing a strong sense of rebellion. As I matured, and became a mother myself, I took after my mother’s personality traits far more.
My mother and father owned their own restaurants and or bar from the time I was very small. For that matter nearly the entire side of my father’s family is in the bar or restaurant business. I knew it took hard work in life to make one’s way. I also believe I got my desire to work for myself from them.
When I was six my father ran a biker bar called New Horizons after the Moody Blues song. It was I who came up with the name in the back seat of my father’s Lincoln Continental while riding around with my parents one day as the song played on the eight track.
Growing up in the biker bar was fun. I spent a lot of time playing video games, ping pong, and pool. Often some of the regulars would play with me, sometimes allowing me to win, although I did become quite good at ping pong! My father had a beer glass behind the bar displayed where he would put any loose change I found laying around the bar as a savings for me. I have no idea what happened to that savings though. I did however find great joy in finding a loose quarter here or there which I know often the bikers would leave around for me.
When I was in my preteens my mother and father sold the bar and opened up a hamburger place. People would drive for over an hour to enjoy my fathers amazing burgers. I have never had a better hamburger in my life, and never will. My mother managed the books while my father managed the employees although he had a very bad temper. I shared this temper when I was younger but have outgrown that negative trait.
My parents divorced again, yes they had been married before, and closed the business at sometime in my mid teens. Things around this time are very fuzzy – perhaps I chose to forget.
Through my teens, and very early twenties I was nothing short of a wild child. I was confused and seeking something. I have no idea what it was I was searching for. It was not stability because I was far from stable. I think it was true love perhaps, something elusive.
It was not until I became pregnant with my first child that I slowed down, and grew up. From the moment I became pregnant with my son I became focused, and felt happy.
I loved being pregnant, giving birth not so much, but I had never felt healthier in my life than the times I was carrying a child. I will stop here however about anything from this point on as that would not be “Underneath It All” but rather another topic entirely.
This is where I want to interject that I do not like writing about myself. Some of the #BehindTheBlogger writing prompts are far easier than others for me. In fact I skipped the last one entirely. While I do not like skipping any of the prompts I simply feel like all I can truly provide my readers in a blog article regarding myself, my life, are soundbites. Such as this article. There are so many gaps to fill. So much information you are left without. This information is especially important when trying to describe how I became who I am, what truly is Underneath It All. Still, I can sum it up for you and leave the rest for my epic novel.
I believe that the confluence of my parents personalities, my personality evolving and swiftly changing to and fro from year to year, sometimes month to month in my youth, paved a clear path for me to thrive.
I believe that learning how to work for oneself, how to mingle and associate with people from all walks of life gave me the ability to negotiate, and to communicate with others in a way that has benefited me greatly in multiple ways.
I believe that the changes in the world itself proved to play an impact on myself, and my generation as a whole. From the first moon landing, unless you are a conspiracist, to Woodstock, the world was a place of great wonder and change. I believe children born of this year are something of chameleons too. I know that I have always been a chameleon.
In my spiritual work we refer to those of us from this generation as Indigo Children but I have always called us the Chameleon Children. Warrior spirits, driven to change the world. People who are unafraid and march to their own beat.
Underneath it all I am a person who can adapt, and change to the situation or circumstances around me. That by no means is saying that I adapt for others. In fact, any adaptation I do is for my own good, or the good of those I love. I am not weak, but rather cunning, and I am able to blend in with a given set of rules, an environment, or situations where others would feel rightfully uncomfortable. Then I make my own place there until I can change the direction of everything to suit the very thing I need from it.
Yes in some ways Chameleons can be manipulative but on the other hand most Chameleons like myself generally have a good heart, a strong sense of morality, and do what they do for the good of all concerned.
So Underneath It All – a crazy, sometimes rocky, always changing, and usually interesting foundation that made me who I am today, and that is the short version of this story.
I am so happy to be able to share parts of myself with you through the #BehindTheBlogger writing prompt and I invite all writers, and bloggers to join us in our quest for self-enlightenment! Note below how to sign up.
For my readers, I welcome your comments, all of them. I would love to hear what you think, and even more so, what is Underneath It All for you.
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