Shaker and Spoon A New Epic Subscription Box For The Imbiber

Disclosure: I received Shaker and Spoon Boxes to facilitate this review.

I was so excited to review the Shaker and Spoon subscription box! I think it is such a unique and wonderful thing. It’s no secret that I enjoy the occasional, or frequent alcoholic beverage and I often google new drinks to mix up. Shaker and Spoon does the creative work for us and puts everything we need, less the alcohol, in a monthly subscription box. I prefer to select my own alcohol anyway because I can be quite particular. Each box comes with three new drink recipes and ingredients. In each box you will receive enough ingredients to make 12 total drinks, 4 of each mix. Another wonderful thing about Shaker and Spoon is that they strive to make each box naturally vegan! If for any reason an ingredient is not vegan they will let you know!

I received three boxes from Shaker and Spoon from December through February to review. During that time I have seen this new subscription service grow, and recover from a few “newbie” errors but one thing I can say is that Shaker and Spoon have the absolute best customer service! This is not just based on my personal experience as a blogger. I have paid close attention to their customer interaction on all of their social media sites and they are always quick and happy to respond to customer inquiries.

March’s Agave Blanco Box is featured in the photo below. You can still get this box if you subscribe by February 29th, 2016.

Shaker and Spoon A New Epic Subscription Box For The Imbiber

My boxes were for Amber Rum, Bourbon, and Gin. The Amber Rum box was a great way to start out my experience because I have the most experience with rum.

Shaker and Spoon A New Epic Subscription Box For The Imbiber

With each box you receive several cards illustrating each drink, how to make it, what type of glass to prepare it in, and an overall inventory of what’s in the box. Don’t worry if you do not have the proper glass for serving your drink, just find something to make due with. I certainly do not have all of the glasses one could own for serving drinks, although I am trying to build my collection.

Shaker and Spoon also has a “Learn” section on their website showing you how to make each drink.

This is my first box pictured below. The December Box which featured Amber Rum drink mixes. The December Amber Rum box featured the Rum Smash, Rum Buck, and the Rum Old Fashioned.

Shaker and Spoon A New Epic Subscription Box For The Imbiber

I absolutely loved the Rum Smash and through making it with the items included in the box I learned that cinnamon syrup is amazing. Not only for making the Rum Smash but many other drinks I created including one with cranberry juice that was dreamy. I know the combination of cinnamon syrup and cranberry seems odd, but trust me it was wonderful. Speaking of the syrup, Shaker and Spoon creates all of their own syrups, and many other herbal mixes for their sub box. I find that really cool and I can not wait for them to begin selling their mixes on the site so I can get my hands on more of their cinnamon syrup.

The Rum Smash was wonderful and evoked an apple cider like flavor. It was very festive for December.

Shaker and Spoon A New Epic Subscription Box For The Imbiber

The Rum Buck was really refreshing, tart but not too tart, sweet but not too sweet. Just a perfect balance of both. The Rum Old Fashioned was my least favorite but I have never been a big fan of the traditional Old Fashioned. It is for sure a sipping drink and not to sound anti-feminist but it reminds me of what they may have once called, a “man’s drink”.

Shaker and Spoon A New Epic Subscription Box For The Imbiber
The January Bourbon box brought a neat surprise of a tool called a channel knife. It is for making spiral garnishes. I loved receiving a new bar tool and thought it was a really nice touch to the box. 
Shaker and Spoon A New Epic Subscription Box For The Imbiber
The Bourbon box’s three drink mixes included Fire In Your Belly, Inca Berry Sour, and Oolong Toddy. I personally love a good Toddy and as a tea lover Oolong is my favorite so I was anxious to try this mix. 

Since I was not quite ready to indulge in the toddy I started with the Fire In Your Belly drink because the name had me curious. It was also the mix in which I got to use my new channel knife tool.

Shaker and Spoon A New Epic Subscription Box For The Imbiber
Shaker and Spoon A New Epic Subscription Box For The Imbiber
I discovered another syrup made my Shaker and Spoon that I fell in love with called Kukicha Syrup. Fire In Your Belly did not make as much of a fire in my belly as I expected but it had a very nice warning sensation. I felt this to be a great winter drink even if served on ice. It had a sweet and yet earthy flavor thanks to the kukicha syrup. I also felt the use of celery bitters in the mix helped boost up the essence of the orange a bit. I really loved this drink. 
Next … the Oolong Toddy … 
Shaker and Spoon A New Epic Subscription Box For The Imbiber
As much as I adore oolong I was not too excited about the idea of using a star anise as a garnish. I detest the taste of anise, and I am not the biggest fan of cardamom which is used in the form of bitters in this drink. However, I was surprised and delighted as I did love this drink. 
I did not get a photo of the Inca Berry Sour but it was a lovely variation on the traditional whisky sour. It was fun, unique and had a sweet but yet strong taste. I also really enjoyed trying Inca berries for the first time in my life. 
That is one thing that I consider so epic about the Shaker and Spoon subscription box. Not only do you get all of the ingredients you need to make new drinks but you are introduced to new things, like I was the Inca berries and Kukica syrup. 
Another fun thing that I got to play with in the February Gin Box were Gogi berries! 
Shaker and Spoon A New Epic Subscription Box For The Imbiber
The Gin Box was probably my favorite of the three. I love Gin and I do not know as many great mixes for gin drinks outside of martinis so it was good to learn some great new mixes. Being that it was the Valentine’s Day inspired box I was almost giddy when I saw rose petals and rose water in the shipment. 
Shaker and Spoon A New Epic Subscription Box For The Imbiber

The three drinks featured in the Gin Lovers Box were Gogi Southside, (pictured below), Gin Flower, and Juliet and Romeo.

The Gogi Southside is the perfect balance of tart and sweet, to me almost a mix between a lemonade and a long island ice tea flavor. It was super refreshing and just made me want summer to come even faster. I loved the Gogi Berries as a garnish too.

Shaker and Spoon A New Epic Subscription Box For The Imbiber
The Gin Flower utilizes the flower syrup and rose petal delicately floating on top as garnish. It literally tasted romantic and was perfectly sweet. The perfect Valentines’ drink. 
Shaker and Spoon A New Epic Subscription Box For The Imbiber

My favorite, the Juliet and Romeo, is an award winning drink mix that brings forth such complexity it is difficult to describe. I took more tasting notes on this than any other drink from any of the previous drinks from Shaker and Spoon. {
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The Juliet and Romeo is in a word, interesting. It has a wonderful aroma, and the cucumber, which I refer to as the Romeo element, stands out a little more than the rose which gives it a savory taste and nose. Yet you get the sweetness, from Juliette of course, with the rose water and simple syrup. A slight dash of salt brings the two together evening out the sweet and savory in a blissful harmony.

I am really happy that I have plenty of rose water on hand to make more of this drink! You can find rose water in middle eastern stores or on Amazon. Simple Syrup is also a staple in my house because we make it often for our Mojitos. It is actually quite simple to make, hence the name, simple syrup. Just blend equal parts sugar and water and cook until sugar has melted into the water and the mixture is slightly thickened.

Remember how I said you do not have to have the exact kind of glass on hand that the drink calls for? I do not have coupe glasses, so I used a martini glass, which I do have, because it is a similar size, if not shape.

Shaker and Spoon A New Epic Subscription Box For The Imbiber

So what do you think of this idea? Will you be subscribing to Shaker and Spoon? Which drink sounds the yummiest to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments please. I love to hear what you think!

Be sure to follow Shaker and Spoon on Instagram for tons mixed drink of eye candy, not just their images though, Shaker and Spoon shares their customer images too, mine included!

Oh and one last note … Shaker and Spoon often hosts giveaways for a free box! Right now (as of the date of this article posting) Shaker and Spoon is hosting a Twitter Giveaway! Enter now and good luck to you!

Use Coupon Code FASHION10 for 10% off your subscription!

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