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Dear 2016 Me #BehindTheBlogger


Dear 2016 Me,This year is already about change. Changes that you have control over, and some that you have no control over. Changes that will be wonderful in some ways, perhaps bittersweet in other ways. There is already excitement in the lives of those around you, and with that sometimes comes concern. Embrace the excitement of change rather than dwell on what-ifs.


Dear 2016 Me #BehindTheBlogger

While the lives of those around you are changing, yours can as well. Find time to focus on your own needs while you assist others in their evolution.

While you are not one to set “resolutions” you do like setting, and reaching goals. Some things you should focus on this year include:

Organization – Finding a way to not just juggle, but manage your time making way for a healthy work / life balance.

Stress Less – The world will not end if you do not get everything done, or if everything is not done perfectly!


Dear 2016 Me #BehindTheBlogger

Be Kind – Not that you need to be reminded of this, but continue as you have always done, doing those little things for others when you can.


Have Fun – Get out more! Even if you just take a short drive, get more fresh air and sunshine!

Make Time – Make time for yourself, time with your husband, time with family, your pets, and friends.

Redecorate Your Bedroom – You know it has been bothering you that your bedroom looks like you are staying at your grandmother’s house. Granted you are getting older, but you deserve a place of retreat and relaxation.

Exercise – You used to be such an active person but your work life has caused you to become sedentary. Not that you have ever been worried about body image, but your health could improve vastly with a daily walk, or getting on that treadmill.

Reduce – While you have always been one to donate and recycle, this year really get down to business and get rid of the clutter. You know that you function better mentally and emotionally when you have a tidy space.

Get Better Sleep – You know you have always been a night owl, however you are realizing you do like getting up early and having more daylight to get things done. Embrace this and start getting to bed earlier and starting your day well rested.

Remember, you took on a lot in 2015 and your entire household went through some hard times and major changes but the changes happening in 2016 are far more positive! Granted even positive change can be challenging but it will be a welcome relief that these changes are healthy, natural changes that are supposed to occur in everyone’s life.

While 2016 also may bring about unforeseen circumstances you can and will get through them, as you always do, with courage, strength, and fortitude.

Enjoy the new year ahead!



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