Try Something New In 2016 Try derma e® and #NOTICETHELOTUS Now At Target!

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by derma e. I received product and or compensation for this post. I only write about products I personally believe in, trust, and use.


I love derma e products and use them daily. Please see my previous reviews of derma e linked below this post.

derma e® started out small, featured in health food stores, but quickly gained a huge fan following of their products. Since then they have branched out and I am so happy that you can now purchase derma e® products at Target!

Try derma e® and #NOTICETHELOTUS Now At Target!
What’s On Your Target Shopping List?

derma e® is close to my heart because they were doing things before they were “cool.” Things like considering the impact of products on our health, concern toward animal welfare, and taking on a holistic approach long before many people were truly on the bandwagon. Fact is, I was too. It was decades before the things I believed in caught on. My own family looked at me like I was crazy in the 1980’s and into the 90’s before living healthy, having concern for what was truly in our products became mainstream. derma e® thought, and believed in the same ideals I held close.

derma e® gained a huge following of loyal customers through being eco-friendly, creating sustainable products, and using green chemistry by fusing vitamins and plants together with modern science.

I use these skin care products daily, and they work! 


I am thrilled that derma e® is now available at Target because I am a Target shopper and being able to buy my beloved derma e® items while there makes my life a lot easier.

I have a special Target shopping list that is separate from my regular shopping list because Target carries a lot of the speciality items I love to buy. My Target shopping list includes Archer Farms pizzas, which are just so yummy. Also with my daughter moving out this week, we are hitting up Target’s home decor section, which has everything she will need for her place from their Room Essentials collection. I may grab her a few Archer Farms pizzas to put in her freezer to start her out. I know she will need some healthy, yet delicious quick and easy meals while moving and getting settled in.

I have recently added the derma e® Eye Lift Cream to my daily skin care regimen and have to say that I saw a noticeable difference after only a few applications but as I use it continuously I sure does help with wrinkles, fine lines, bags, and sags. Let’s face it, I work long, late nights. I am not the best on my skin, and staring at a computer screen for literally hours on end does not help one’s complexion. I have very tired eyes. Being over 45 only adds to those fine lines and wrinkles. I am so thankful to have a holistic, healthy, cruelty free product to come to my rescue!


Try derma e® and #NOTICETHELOTUS Now At Target!

Check out the video below featuring Jamie, Director of Education with derma e® …

derma e® is family owned and operated and has been for over 30 years. derma e® pioneered the development of vitamin rich, high performance antioxidant skincare solutions with an award winning line up of doctor developed, and consumer tested skin care. I can attest to the powers of their products because nothing, and I mean nothing has solved my psoriasis issue until I started using derma e® Psorzema Creme! All derma e® products are free of parabens, phtalates, mineral oil, and petrolatum. Every single formula is cruelty free, gluten free, and 100% vegan. Want yet another reason to love derma e®? The manufacturing and operations of derma e® products are offset 100% by wind power!

You must try derma e®, please. Go for it, treat your skin to something new this year and #NOTICETHELOTUS at Target. 




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