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#BehindTheBlogger My Christmas Wish


It has been a fairly trying year in the Smith household in 2015. We have experienced the death of my husband’s father, travel back and forth to New York twice, once to see him and say our goodbye’s and once for his funeral. We have lost two pets, and have seen two other pets through illness, thankfully the later two have done well. I have seen my children go through some rough times too. I will refrain from  detail there as it is not my place to share this information, however let’s just say over the course of 2015, a lot of things have been difficult for all of us in our family.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Either so that we may learn a lesson we can benefit from later down in our life path, or a lesson we can share with another so they have an easier path before them. Sometimes our experiences leave us wondering “Why?” “Why do bad things have to happen to me?” I do believe that in time, the reasons reveal themselves, even if it may take decades for it to become clear. I discussed this in greater detail in another #BehindTheBlogger writing prompt called It Will All Make Sense Someday.

With that said, I am still human, and going through hard times is not easy. Knowing there is a reason is not always comforting in the moment. So it is My Christmas Wish that 2016 be happier.

I do not ask for perfection, clearly there will be some challenges, but I do wish for myself, and my family, and friends, health, and peace of mind.

My Christmas Wish is for people to be able to find the calm after a storm. To be able to have moments of joy, and a lot of love in their lives. My Christmas Wish is for people to have support when and where they need it, a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, and a friend who will give them comfort during the hard times.

I wish for everyone to receive reminders of how wonderful they are, that they have strength, and that they can overcome the odds against them.

I want for everyone to be considerate of others, understanding, and agree that none of us know everything. When I look at my own life I wonder sometimes how I have survived this long, so to judge another is wrong, no matter what, because I have not walked in their shoes, and yet I know that I would not wish for anyone to have had to walk in mine. So I assume that they would feel exactly the same way for one reason or another.

Granted I know we can look at people sometimes and think that they must have a charmed life. We look at what others have, or have achieved and think “they are so lucky”. The truth however is unknown to us just what it may have took, how hard they may have had to struggle, or what odds they had to overcome to get where they are. Even those born with a silver spoon in their mouths have their own battle scars from something.

My Christmas Wish is for consideration, kindness, and compassion toward others. 

I hope that all of you wish for the same, and act upon this in the year 2016, and beyond. 


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