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Today’s #BehindTheBlogger writing prompt and link up topic is “Dear 2015 Me” Please check out my previous #BehindTheBlogger articles which will be linked at the bottom of this post as well. Also please note the link up at the bottom of this article. Other wonderful bloggers share their articles from this week’s prompt as well.

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#BehindTheBlogger Dear 2015 Me
Dear 2015 Me,
Whew! It has been a really tough year to say the least hasn’t it!? A lot of sadness this past year for sure. Loved ones gone, some to return, some not. Furkids that were part of your family, who grew up with your own kids, now passed. Unexpected expenses keeping you from goals you had hoped to live out this past year. Dreams derailed by struggling to make due, make ends meet, and keep on top of things while feeling down so often. I won’t go into every detail, or every struggle you faced in this past year, but there were a lot of them, no doubt.
Well … self … you rocked it regardless! Yes that is right! Even though you have been through more than a handful of down times this past year, you have held it together pretty well. Sure, you had your moments of break down, bewilderment, and anxiety, but you have not gone off any deep ends yet.
One reason you have managed as well as you have is because deep down you know there is a lesson in everything, a reason for all things to occur, even the bad. Holding onto this belief has kept you strong, and at least somewhat stable.
Remember too, there have been many successes and joys. It is easy to feel only the impact of the negative as it weighs heavy, but allow the light of happiness to lift some of that in your memories of the past year.
Also keep in mind the challenges that come across your path keep you on your toes, keep you awake, alive, and interested.

#BehindTheBlogger Dear 2015 Me
Your story is not over. The lives that you have touched and continue to touch, no matter on how large, or small of a scale are forever impacted. Keep your head up, and your heart pure.

No, you are not perfect. You stumble, you sometimes even crawl, but you always get up and find your way back to your truth.


#BehindTheBlogger Dear 2015 Me

It’s time to let the past year go, although keeping in respect the lessons learned. Tuck those lessons away for when you need them, and go forward with strength and hope.


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