How To Make A Winter Safe Driving Kit

Its that time of year when if you live in a cold climate you will need some things in your car to keep you safe during the winter season.

Everyone should have a winter emergency kit, some items which you will need to use daily when it is icy or snowy out.

Depending on the terrain where you live, and how far out away from civilization you are, you may want more gear than others.

Create a winter safe driving kit

Below is a list that begins with the basic then scopes toward the more extreme gear, which I recommend if you live out in the country, or will be traveling longer distances. 

~ A Good Ice Scraper, one that extends is really handy as long as it is sturdy.
~ DeIcer
~ Lock Deicer
~ Road Salt, Sand or Kitty Litter for traction
~ Flashlight
~ Extra socks, gloves, hat, scarf, even an extra pair of shoes is good
~ Blanket
~ Energy Providing Snacks such as nuts, raisins, energy bars, granola, etc.
~ Money
~ Hand Shovel or Small Shovel
~ First Aid Kit
~ Tow Rope or Chain
~ Pocket Knife
~ Battery Powered Radio
~ Window Breaker
~ Seat Belt Cutter
~ Mylar Thermal Blankets
~ Magnesium Fire Starter, Matches, Candles, Lighter

Granted we could go on and on into listing things from a wire saw bulk to emergency food rations but everyone should have a basic winter weather kit, and some emergency preparedness items on hand.

Another thing to consider would be extra medications if you have a health issue, although many medications can not withstand cold temperatures, let alone freezing temps. Stock up on what you can and never leave home during bad weather without making sure you have taken your necessary medications. In my case, and my daughters, we have to be sure we have plenty of insulin in our pumps because our insulin, while find cold, is useless frozen.

Things to remember:

Always have a phone charger in your car.

Call 911

Call AAA if you have it or any other emergency auto service you belong to.

Never heat up your car in an enclosed area like the garage.

If you become stuck, do not sit in your car with the windows up for too long, allow yourself some fresh air even if it is cold air. This could keep you alive if your exhaust has become blocked by snow or ice!

Keeping your emergency kit in your car, rather than in a trunk can be safer, in case your trunk gets frozen shut.

Keep your car half full with gas during freezing weather to keep your gas line from freezing.

Do not stand outside of your car on a busy road, especially a highway. Move to a safe place.

Do you have any other items you would keep in your kit? Do you have any safety tips you can share with us? I am sure I missed some good ones so please help out and add them in comments below, please. 


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