Have You Seen My Smile Lately? Get Smile Brilliant For That Superstar Smile You Deserve!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, I received product and or compensation but the experience and opinions expressed are my own. 

You may have noticed recently my smile is more brilliant than ever. I drink coffee, and a lot of tea, both hot and cold. I do not take care of my smile the way that I should. I also take medications that can change the color of my teeth as well.

When I was asked to do a trial of Smile Brilliant I wondered if it would work, and if it would work for me. Being middle aged I have had plenty of time to do a lot of damage to my smile, a lot of staining from what I drink, and what I eat because I do love my blueberries every morning with toast or a croissant! Yes, even healthy things can stain our teeth terribly!

So I have been using Smile Brilliant regularly and the results are amazing, but before I show you my results I want to show you how the Smile Brilliant system works.

Smile Brilliant Infographic by Fashion Beyond Forty
Smile Brilliant Infographic by Fashion Beyond Forty

Please watch this YouTube Video to learn more…

My experience was a breeze.

I received my kit, followed all of the instructions provided which walk you through the system, step by step, sent it back in the postage paid envelope and had my trays back quickly. I began using the whitening gel, along with the desensitizing gel which I highly recommend, and within just three days I was seeing good results! I continued to use the system increasing my time every couple of days.
Check out my before and after images … 
Fashion Beyond Forty Joely Smith With Smile Brilliant Before and After

You can clearly see stains on my teeth before using Smile Brilliant, and after, just a gleaming white smile!


If you love my results, I know you can get even better results if you are diligent using the system.
I sometimes failed to be diligent, yet I still achieved amazing results.
One thing I will say is that the system from beginning to end is so easy to use. From making the molds to using the gels, everything was really easy. Much easier than those whitening strips I have tried using which only slip off, do not cover the teeth fully, and are impossible to go about regular life in! Forget about having a conversation. You will either foam at the mouth all over the place, or the strips slide off.

I am totally impressed with Smile Brilliant and talk about affordable … in comparison to what I have spent on whitening strips, that barely work at all, to what my dentist quoted me for their whitening process, Smile Brilliant is the affordable way to go, and it works!

I can’t tell you how much more confident you will feel once you get your bright shiny smile back! I received so many compliments, my husband wants a kit of his own, as does my daughter! They even said they would be happy to receive the kit as a holiday gift!
It feels great to be complimented on my smile again. When I was younger my smile was one thing I always received compliments on, but as I aged, so did my smile. It does not have to be that way though, nor should it be.
Plus Smile Brilliant offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee! 
Money Back Guarantee

Simply put, SmileBrilliant! is so confident you will be happy with our professional system, we offer an industry leading money back guarantee.

We offer a no questions asked 100% results satisfaction warranty. If you’re not completely satisfied with your whitening results, simply return the custom bleaching trays within 30 days and we’ll give you a full product refund. We want you to be able to trust our service and be completely satisfied with your professional results.

Let’s all get our youthful smile back! I do not think people often think about how a bright smile can take years off your appearance, but it does!



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