Flowers In Fall With Covered Perfectly

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Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear drab clothing all winter long! It is still alright to wear pastels, and floral accents! Covered Perfectly has us covered with their Cascading Vest line! From Pretty florals, geometric, to animal prints, you will find the perfect Cascading Vest for you! 

Covered Perfectly Cascading Vest and MicroModal Top

Today I am showing you a floral cascading vest in black. Black is great in the Fall and Winter, but I still want some color to show a little added brightness. This vest has lovely hues of light blue, blush pink, and brown tones in it to liven up a drab Fall or Winter’s day, or night! 

In the above image you will see that I have belted the vest for one of many ways to style it. I prefer this style for an office look, giving it a more tailored appearance. 

I have paired my Cascading Vest with the Simple Comfort MicroModal Top in Blue, which is the epitome of comfortable fashion! Ladies I promise you will not be pulling, or rearranging your top all day long! This top fits so cozy, and stays in place! If the pale shade of blue is not your thing, don’t worry, Covered Perfectly has 16 color options for you! 

Covered Perfectly Cascading Vest and MicroModal Top

I love the versatility of Covered Perfectly’s cascading vests because you can wear them with jeans, skirts, and slacks, creating a perfect look from the office to a night out. You can also style it in many ways from a tied waist, belted, or leave it flowing as I did in the photo above. I prefer this styling for an evening out and about. {
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Covered Perfectly’s styles flatter every figure so you do not have to worry about fit! Covered Perfectly has sizes that run from small to 3X with a focus on women age 40 and up, and curvier women! 

I love the cascading vest line. They make you feel fun, flirty, and feminine! 

Covered Perfectly Cascading Vest and MicroModal Top

In the above collage you can see that I have styled my vest by tying it at the waist. This is my preferred way to wear the Cascading Vest for play dates, running errands, or anytime I am going to be on the go.  

This is another of my favorite patterns, again with the lighter colors to bring a little warmth to the cooler months, but Covered Perfectly has a lot of other selections as well! You can see the model has hers not tied but simply draped, which is a lovely look that I prefer when I will not be so physically busy. The length of the material does keep it in place nicely however, so while it will not undrape easily, it may not be best for playtime fun. I do however love this styling for going to the mall for a shopping adventure or to make a more dynamic fashion statement.

You can check them all out on the Covered Perfectly website! Also check out real women wearing Covered Perfectly to see just how great the clothing looks on all shapes and sizes! 

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