Happiness Is … Preparing For the Future

 For those of you who have been with me since I started my blog, you may recall that I used to post daily, Happiness Is articles. These are short snippets about things that make me happy.

At first, I felt that perhaps these posts were not so popular so I quit writing them. Then I realized that perhaps the reason that they were not getting much attention was due to

1. My blog was too new for posts that were not more informative, and

2. My readers did not know me well enough yet to take interest in me personally.

Regardless, I have decided to bring back Happiness Is … posts, perhaps not daily, but often.

We will see if you enjoy them or not. They may not be as short as they used to be, or maybe sometimes they will. We will see how it evolves.

I would love comments letting me know if you enjoy them, which you enjoy the most, and if you would like to see more of them! 

So with that said … 

As a product reviewer, not only on my blog but also on Amazon, I receive a lot of items that are wonderful.

The only problem is that many times I receive items I simply do not need. I have been gifting many of these items, and largely donating them to charity. Of course, there are also some items I keep because they are better than what I have, or I do not own it already.

The other day I realized I had an abundance of kitchen tongs taking up far too much real estate in my utensil drawer!

It had recently dawned on me that my daughter is planning to move into her own place within the coming year, so we decided to start her a preparation box for this event!

Over the past month, I have been collecting items that she will need for her first home.

We have already collected quite a nice assortment of kitchen products and started a box for her. Not all of these items came from doing reviews. Some things I pick up on sale while out shopping for my own needs, such as a Rubbermaid buy one get one free deal I found at our local Kroger store just last week! I was actually looking for them for my own kitchen because we have had the mysterious disappearing lid issue! When I saw the buy one get one free deal I grabbed two, one for myself, one for my daughter.

Kitchen Gadgets

It feels good to help her prepare for her own beginning. Although sometimes bittersweet of course.

I am sure until the day comes I will not feel the impact of her moving out. For now, it brings me great happiness to help her get set up for her future life. It feels great that I can facilitate this through the work that I do. It saves a lot of money as well!
For now, our focus has been on kitchen items because that is where we spend a great deal of our family time. I want her and her boyfriend to have great times together creating wonderful dishes!

I am sure our focus will shift to other areas of life as well in the near future but it is amazing how many kitchen items a person can collect!

I still continue to donate excess items which also brings me a lot of happiness as well.

What makes you happy? I feel it is very important to take a daily stock in the little things that bring us joy and I would love to hear what your happiness for today is! Please feel free to share with us in the comments below.




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