10 Things Men May Not Know About Shopping

So some of you may know, and those who do not may be surprised to find out that I do not like shopping. I do not care for any kind of shopping from clothing, to food. Basically I prefer to do as much of my shopping as I can from home, online. I do not like dressing rooms, I do not like the lighting, and usually I do not like the music being pipped in mesmerizing me or irritating me into just buying everything and worrying about returning what does not work out later. Fact is, rarely will I go back to the store to return anything. 

With that said … There are some things I think that men need to hear about shopping, wether we love going out to the mall or grocery store ourselves or not. The reason I feel this is important is because in partnerships, marriages, or committed relationships, more often than not, the shopping duties fall upon the woman. Granted in some situations the men prefer to do the shopping, but even in this “modern age” I still find that rare. 

I know if I did not do the shopping in our home my husband would not have boxer shorts, let alone a full outfit to wear. Food would be what he could grab on his way home, or just fast food perhaps. 

Needless to say, we won’t count the above as #1 which is that not all women like shopping!

Things that Men may not know about shopping:

1. You can’t just go pick one or two things up at a dollar store – going into a dollar store, no matter how determined you are, even if you tell yourself “its just a bunch of junk” you will come out with a cart full of unexpected goodies! Dollar shops are like a magical mystery land. They really do have some good stuff in there! 
2. We work hard to find good deals to save money. You may feel frustrated that we spend too much time in a store, but outside of trying things on, making sure it looks good on us, or will look good on you, we are also scouring sale racks to find the best deals! Usually we are looking online prior to even getting out to the shops to see where the best deals are, even if the entire process drives us bonkers! 
3. Dressing room mirrors are unforgiving! You may often wonder why we either A) refuse to try things on thus ending up taking stuff back, or B) Try things on yet still do not like the way they look or fit once we get home with them. Well dressing rooms are horrible and chances are we do not feel we look good in much of anything in them. We reason with ourselves that maybe the clothes will take on a new life on our bodies when we get home where we are comfortable, have our own accessories, and such at our disposal. Sometimes this works, sometimes it does not. Either way, we do our best, besides most men I know do not try things on either, if they even shop for themselves. No offense to the men who love shopping, again this post is not aimed at you. 

The above reminds me of another blog post you may want to check out. 8 Shopping Tips To Keep You Sane

4. Coupons do not grow on trees. We literally have to scour the internet, no matter how great you think that one coupon site is, there are a hundred more out there. Women can spend a great amount of time from browsing store ads, searching the web, to visiting online retailers seeking out great deals. Sometimes sales that are being offered online are not offered in store, and vice versa. Signing up for loyalty cards, printing out coupons, and price comparison, or price match shopping can become an event unto itself. 
5. Couponing can save you thousands over a year. It may be a lot of work, but when that guy in your life has a shiny new set of golf clubs, he should thank the lady in his life for figuring out how to budget it! Men, the next time you see your lady trying to work a great deal, keep this in mind. 
6. You can always take it back – well except for final sale. Granted we may take some risks now and then when it comes to what we buy online or in store, but most online sellers have a retail location where you can return online purchases. More often than not, when you buy online, the items come with a return shipping label that is pre-paid. Women take time generally speaking to assure that returns will be simple when taking a risk, especially on a pricer item. 
7. There are benefits to trying it on! Once again I refer to my previous article which has some great tips about trying clothes on in store. No matter how much you, or I may have trying things on in store, sometimes it is a must do. Trying on is very important when buying a formal gown, a suit, or something that is final sale, which if you are shopping for bargains this is often the case. If you do not check out my previous article 8 Shopping Tips To Keep You Sane, at least note that you can walk out of the dressing room, into the store itself, and find a great mirror with much better lighting! Granted you will want someone watching your items in the dressing room, the last thing you want is for it to get cleaned out while you are gone! 
8. We do want your input – unless we leave you at home. Sometimes your significant other may want to know what you think, other times it is easier for us to go it alone. If asked to go along on the journey try not to get too grumpy about it. This sets a tone for disaster for everyone involved. No you may not need our opinion on that new leaf blower you have your eyes on, but we do like to feel good and look good not only for ourselves, but for you too. The worst thing a man can do is decline to go shopping with his woman, then either not take notice of the new pretties she purchase, or worse, pick at them or say he does not like it. Your input before a purchase is made generally makes both of you happier people. 
9. We really do hate it when you wait outside the store, unless we ask you to! Sure sometimes we may want to surprise you, especially if going into the lingerie shop. We know you are not comfortable in the ladies section of a retail outlet, and we know you really have no clue what style of dress we are looking for. We do not expect you to be on top of our fashion game, however we can also tell what you would like to see on us by your expressions, or what you may actually stop to look at while in the ladies department. Those subtle clues that women are excellent at picking up on can really help our buying decisions, and truth be told, sometimes we are just as clueless as you are! 
10. Malls can be fun! Yes I said it. As much as I personally do not like to go shopping out in the world, there are fun things to see and do out there! There are often pop up shops outside of the mall offering unique wood crafted items, helicopters, and these days even drones! Also you can always ask to go look at the BBQ Grills or tools at sears as your reward for being a patient and happy shopper sidekick! 

Sure this article may seem a little dated, or sexist, but from my experience as a midlife woman most of these things still ring true, more often than not! I have eased my man into fashion and shopping to some degree, but even still he balks at the idea of shopping most of the time. Still, he understands these 10 tips and does his best to remember them, even if I have to give him a gentle nudge now and then. Better yet, these days he does ask me my opinion on those leaf blowers, and other things guys buy. 

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