Support What You Love – With Pura Vida + Coupon Code

Disclosure: I received a Pura Vida Salty Pineapple Pack
to facilitate this review. 
When I learned that the beautiful bracelets from Pura Vida gave back to charity I knew I had to tell you about them. Any company, large or small, that gives back wins a special place in my heart. Pura Vida goes one step further by curating specific bracelets, and packs of bracelets that give back to so many different charitable organizations that you can surely find at least one, (and for me many), organizations that you will want to support. 
When I visited the Pura Vida site to decide which pack I would show to you I had a really difficult time selecting. While I know I should be gearing more toward Fall fashions I could not help but hang onto one last moment of summer with this bright and colorful Pura Vida Salty Pineapple Pack.

Support What You Love - With Pura Vida + Coupon Code

Not only are the colors just beaming of the summer sun, but I love the simplicity of the design. I especially fell in love with the Gold Three Circle Seafoam bracelet! 

You can wear your pack as a collection, mix and match, or wear one alone creating multiple looks. 
Each bracelet is wax coated, 100% waterproof, and as you wear it they relax more, enhancing their natural look.  You can do anything in them from sleep, surf, ski, shower, whatever you put them through they only become more supple and beautiful. 
Every bracelet is handmade therefore you may see slight color variations if you were to compare yours to a friends. I like that about these bracelets as they are as individual as we are! 
Support What You Love - With Pura Vida + Coupon Code
From the Pura Vida Site: 

Created in collaboration with colorful dreamer and traveling designer Kat Gaskin (@katgaskin), wear this pack as a reminder to follow your dreams, be happy, and always look on the bright side!  

After quitting her 9-to-5 office job to pursue her dreams of becoming her own boss, Kat has been feeding our wanderlust with her vibrant, tropical travel photos ever since. 

The Salty Pineapple Pack Includes:

– Life in Color Original
– Solid Peach
– Gold 3 Circle Seafood
– Seafoam Braided
– Flat Braided Melted Butter
– Solid Pacific Blue

– 100% waterproof
– wax-coated
– iron-coated copper “P” charm
– adjustable from 2-5 inches in diameter

Pura Vida Salty Pineapple Pack

Pura Vida means “Pure Life” in Spanish. It represents a lifestyle that is lived slowly, in celebration of good fortune, and refusing to take anything for granted. It’s about living free and making the most of every moment. Pura Vida is an attitude adopted by Griffin and Paul, the good souls behind Pura Vida as a business. I really encourage you to read their story, it is a short, but interesting and heartwarming read! 

From the Pura Vida Site:

Here at Pura Vida Bracelets we aim to do more than just provide jobs for artisans in Costa Rica. That is how the Charity Collection was born. The Charity Collection was created to give back to charities all over the world through the sale of individual charity bracelets. In 2013 we were able to donate over $140,000 to 190+ charity organizations and we’ve only grown since then. On top of that, we’re a 1% for the Planet Member donating back to over forty 1% for the Planet non-profit partners through our Enviro-Causes Charity Collection. From the protection of our ocean habitats to cancer research, we try to support as many causes and organizations as possible.

Pura Vida also offers their customers a Points System where you can earn discounted and even free merchandise if you save your points up! I love it when I can save up points and reward myself, or a friend with a new goodie! 

Pura Vida also has a Fundraising Program which you can learn more about. My days of needing to fundraise are well past, but if I had known about Pura Vida’s funraising system I would surely have utilized it! I know both adults and children alike, male, and female would love these! Yes they do have bracelets for the guys too! 

Check out their Charity Shop to see your options. As of the date I am writing this Pura Vida has collected 592,638.50 in charitable donations!  Prices start at only 5.00! 

Coupon Alert: 

Receive 20% Off any order this month with code: PVFALL20. Exp. 9/30/15. 

Please check them out, consider them for your next fundraiser, for holiday shopping, and spread the word about what they do. 

Peace, Love, and Style!

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