Cold Brew Coffee Maker – A Review

Disclosure: I received this product free for my unbiased review. Opinions are my own. Amazon affiliate links are used in this post. 

Alright ladies, you may know I love great coffee. I have yet to be really impressed with any single serve coffee makers, although I am open to my mind being changed. I prefer making my coffee in a French Press, a Chemex, or Moka pot. I am also inclined to take my time and make a great Turkish coffee with an Ibrik. 

Recently however I have been introduced to a Cold Brew Coffee Maker via an Amazon seller and I am in love! 

Now people have been drinking iced coffee for ages, and of course we have the wonderful and yummy blended frozen coffee out there too. 

So what makes this Cold Brew Coffee Maker different? Well Caribou Coffee knows, as they have recently started marketing their own Crafted Press (cold press) coffee, I did a review on Caribou Crafted Press recently as well. 

When coffee is allowed to steep overnight up to twelve hours it produces something magical! All of those wonderful flavor oils are slowly released from the coffee bean into your cup, resulting in the most rich and wonderful, flavorful coffee you will experience. 

Now look, I do a lot of Amazon reviews, but not all of them make it onto my blog, let alone into my Holiday Gift Guide, but this Cold Brew Coffee Maker makes the grade and then some! 

It’s so easy to use! 

1. Unscrew bottom portion of bottle

2. Remove Infuser

3. Fill with your preferred coffee or tea, and screw back on. Then you’re done!

4. You can then allow the coffee or tea to remain for your preferred time, and enjoy!

This cold brew coffee maker could quite possibly be the easiest, and most effective method of making cold brew coffee. You can simply fill it, let it set over night, and have cold brew every morning, with little to no effort.

The Cold Brew Coffee Maker holds a full size 16.9 ounce water bottle so it is a good amount of coffee to get you going on your day. In addition it comes with an insulating sleeve to make it easy to take your coffee on the go.
I was afraid it would leak so I put a ramekin under it in the fridge but absolutely no leakage! 
The mesh strainer is super fine so you do not end up with coffee grounds in your brew. Also you can make tea in this as well. Granted you do not want to grind your bean too fine, grind about the same as you would for a french press. 
The glass is shock resistant borosilicate. 
I really recommend this if you love great coffee, like having it ready to go in the morning, and like a cold refreshing way to wake up. I know I do! 
This is going in my 2015 Holiday Gift Guide I love it so much and I know the coffee lover in your life will to! 
Get Yours Today! 

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