Bond & Knight Personalized Men’s Wallets Great Gift For The Holidays! Discount Code In Post!

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review. 

Bond & Knight are independent British designers specializing in handmade wallets that are truly gorgeous! These are not your average every day wallets you can pick up just anywhere! 

My husband is rough on wallets, and every time he needs a new one, or wants one for dressier occasions, I cringe, wondering where I will look for one. I resort to Amazon often, and while I have found some great rugged work wallets for him there, I have never quite been able to find him a classic, classy, designer wallet that I knew he would love… until now! 

Every wallet that Bond & Knight produces are completely individual, right down to the embossed initials you can have put on yours! They also work with upcoming artists for their designs! Everything about each wallet is unique and if they do not offer something you love, they will work with you to come up with the perfect design! 

Bond & Knight offer vintage style with modern day durability. They use a 1940’s vintage inspired design and use one single piece of folded leather with no stitching or seams. They source only the highest end materials for their wallets.

Where the Folded Wallet Came From as Told By Bond & Knight:

Bond & Knight can even use your own photography and images to create your one of a kind wallet! Check out the custom made wallet page. 

No more will I have to wonder where to get my husband a unique and special gift! You can even use your company logo, your wedding photo, or photos of your children if you so desire.

When your loved one receives his package it will be elegantly boxed and wrapped. Truly I was so excited when I saw it! I admit I am a sucker for pretty packaging, or stylish packaging, but when giving a gift, this is exactly the way it should be presented! 
I really love that Bond & Knight embossed my husband’s initials in the inside lower right corner. This is just an added boost of distinction, it has been decades since I have seen something like this on a wallet. I also love the small boost of color in the corner.


The opened wallet is just stunning with the red center to match the corner, and with the folded design the red corner is actually part of that center piece! What a unique and unusual design. I love it!

You can visit Bond & Knight on Facebook or Twitter

Go shop for your special guy today at Bond & Knight and be sure to use my special discount code FASHIONB40  for 15% off your order! 

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