All Is Well With Curél Itch Defense #CurelSkincare

Disclosure: I received Curel Itch Defense free from Influenster. Sign up and get free stuff too! Links to Influenster are referral links. 

Today I received a nice VoxBox from Influenster that was totally unexpected! To be honest, I take so many surveys, and receive so many emails, I often do not recall what I am receiving! Getting a box with #CurelSkincare products was a very nice surprise because everyone in my house is forever itchy! We all have different allergies, we have pets, and pet hair and dander does cause some of us to get itchy. I think my husband asks me to itch his back nearly every night! 

The problem with itching your skin however is you can do a lot of damage to it! If you were to ever look under a microscope after itching and scratching it would look like you took daggers to yourself! Granted it may not feel that way, but it simply is bad for your skin. 

Instead of itching and scratching you want to stay moisturized! Even if you have oily skin you need moisturizer! 

I have tried the Curel and find that the spray on Itch Defense is a really nice moisturizer. My husband will love it because it is non-greasy. It also offers a slight cooling sensation that feels very good. It also smells nice with a citrus-mint scent. 

The container says it has no added fragrance, and it contains orange peel and menthol, among other things. Honestly I can’t read all that fine print, but overall a very natural way to moisturize your skin! 

I also received a sample of Curel Itch Defense Body Wash which I can’t wait to try tonight! 

Did you know about Curel Itch Defense? Have you tried it? I would love to hear what you think in the comments below! Join me over at Influenster for a chance for free products like this!

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