Who Do You Think You Are? #BehindTheBlogger

Who Do You Think You Are? #BehindTheBlogger

I will admit, when I signed up to join the #BehindTheBlogger hop with the lovely Hopping Bloggers I was instantly intimidated. I have thought for a long while that it was good to share more about myself with my readers but on the other hand it seems somewhat egotistical to me as well. The fact is, the blogs I read and enjoy most, I feel some sort of connection to the writer of the blog. Also lately I have been begun to post “What We Did This Week” articles, as a means of showing a bit more of my life. This however, is a little more personal. I am also not one for “drama” or at least not spreading it or sharing it to affect others. My posts, I hope will be enlightening, and empowering as an end result. 

When I found out that the writing prompt for this week was “Who Do You Think You Are?” I was a bit tickled and unsure of what to talk about because at 46 I still am not sure “who” I am. Not that I suffer from some sort of identity crisis, but what we do does not make us who we are right? I mean over the years I have worn many hats, and I have held more jobs than you would believe. I am grateful for every single one of my experiences and they have each, in their own way made me who I am. 

Of course I am a mother, a daughter, a wife. Many people are. I have been accepted, I have been rejected. I love my animals, love the hobbies I partake in and enjoy music and television. I like many others enjoy normal every day things, but again that is not who I am, or who we are.  It’s like saying “I enjoy music” well umm yeah I doubt there are many people who do not enjoy some style of music. Sure maybe a handful but they are the exception to the rule. One has to be more specific to really open up and allow others to know them. 

So who do I think I am? I think I am adaptable, quick to catch on, very dingy at times however. Sometimes I put the cart before the horse, always due to excitement about something, and I tend to ask questions unnecessarily before doing my own research. On the other hand I am very good at doing my own research after my initial knee jerk reaction, again which is usually due to being very excited about something. As far as being adaptable goes, well this goes back to having held a billion different jobs over the past few decades. I find that I can easily jump into something and grab it by the horns, however in my younger days I also easily became bored with something once I felt I was excellent at it. This has changed in the past decade or so, and my staying power has increased tremendously. 

Who Do You Think You Are? I think I am loyal, but distrusting. Even if I feel that I have been wronged I forgive, maybe not easily, but I do forgive. I do not have a bad temper but I would say that if you cross me, I have a point of which there is no return, and even if I am nice to you in day to day life, I will have the last laugh. No I do not plot revenge. I do not believe in giving those who have hurt me any more of my energy. I just believe in karma and I know it will come back to bite you or me in the butt when we do stupid things to others. I do not think this makes me two faced, rather business like because sometimes we have to deal with people who have hurt us at work, in our family life, or via activities. That is just the way that it is, so there is no need for outright animosity toward others, at least not in action nor words, but we also do not have to embrace them and high five them and act like we are best of friends. There is a difference between congeniality and friendship, two facedness and accepting that there are mean people. Now if someone hurts someone I love, that is an entirely different story. I will not react, but eventually take some form of action, always through proper channels exactly when the time is right for everyone involved that I care about. This is where the distrust comes into play that I mentioned before. I have a tendency to always look at every angle of everything. I look for the motivation behind people’s words and actions. I would have made an excellent detective I believe. I am also however pretty astute at judging character. 

Who Do You Think You Are? I am a communicator and annoy people at times as I hash out or pick at the details of things. Much like mentioned above needing to look at every angle of a situation or topic. I need to know but more than know I need to know from the other people or person involved “why”. Mostly the reason for this is that as an empath, I tend to already know most of the time what makes a person tick but I like to stay humble so I use this questioning of intentions and motivations as a means of trusting myself on my own intuition. One has to stay humble and never take for granted what another person’s true feelings, thoughts, tendencies, or motivations are, even if they are obvious. 

Who Do You Think You Are? I think quickly and sometimes slack at the details. I love writing but am a horrible editor! I do not have the patience to go back through and read what I have already written, that is dull, I want to keep going and get to a resolution. This is a far contrast to my verbal communication however in which I love to go back and hash over past details! Just ask my husband! I think this is why I love writing so much, because I can just toss it out all there like mental soup and see how it all turns out in the end. Even as I write this I am thinking about the next step in the process of completion, putting in the correct code, linking up the HTML for the rest of the bloggers articles. Sometimes I think this makes me less “in the moment” which is a bummer because I want to think I am an “in the moment” type of person but the truth is I am not. 

Who Do You Think You Are? I think I am interesting, but average. I think I am no more or no less than anyone else on this planet. I think I am diverse but shrouded by my own little place on the map. I think at times I am a little too intense or too serious but I also am a giant goof! I go around the house randomly singing instead of talking. I sing to my pets, I have a quick fire off beat sense of humor but I have a Type A personality when it comes to daily chores, projects, and getting my work done. I am an all or nothing person who likes to stay up all night, sleep as long as possible, but I wake with an urgency to get right back to it, often freaking out until I am “caught up”. 

Who Do You Think You Are? I am humbled by people who hold “regular” jobs and still seem to have time to do the things I do not have the time to do. I am humbled by people who have “regular” jobs and still have time to run errands which I barely fit into my day that I have total control over. I am humbled by people who work “regular” jobs and have friendships outside of online people. I just don’t know how people with “regular” jobs find enough hours in the day but on the other hand I find myself obsessive with an addictive personality to figuring out how to do this whole “blog thing” to perfection! Fact is, I never knew the deep dark rabbit hole that blogging so easily becomes, no, rather, what it is! I love it and I am so happy to be a blogger, but trust me, this is not the easiest job I have ever had! That is what makes it perfect for me, and the person that I am. I need to be constantly kept on my toes! 

Overall what I think I am is just like you, a dynamic, complex, evolving energy. Someone who is still in development, like my blog here. 

Thank you for reading and please check out all of the other wonderful posts on “Who Do You Think You Are?” 

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