What We Did This Week A Peek Inside My World

This is a recap of the fun, silly, and otherwise normal things that have happened in my families week. I thought it would be fun to share with you and give you some insight into my life. 

Is he Zoro? Is he Heman? Nope Just by Hubby Harry

Shopping at the Dollar General which thankfully opened up only about a half mile down the road from us. It is nice, since we live in a somewhat rural area to have a shop close by. While in the toilet paper isle, there was an end cap with some toy swords, so I handed one to my husband Harry. He struck a pose. 

You may also notice in the basket we have a coloring book, two actually, those were for my daughter and myself. We like to color to decompress. 

Beautiful Flowers in my Garden

I had a surprise bunch of lilies grow up which I do not recall having in this spot last year, at least not in this abundance, or this late in the year! I should say I did know I had lilies in this spot, but they had already sprung up over a month ago, and now here they are again. Thank you odd and bizarre Kansas weather! 

I had to snap several photos while they were still this gorgeous, I even made one of the photos my desktop picture. So beautiful! 

Pickling Cucumbers

My husband and I went to pick cucumbers at one of his co-workers house. These cucumbers are pickling cucumbers and we also bought a big jar of hot pickles from his co-worker as well. This guy’s garden was HUGE and he wanted us to pick as many cucumbers as possible to help him out. The cucumbers were free. 

Do you see the deep bucket in the upper right photo? That bucket was FULL but we gave a ton of the cucumbers away to family and friends since we could never eat them all. We hope to get into pickling ourselves soon. I want to make an even hotter pickle! 

Some of the cucumbers were huge, not your typical pickling cucumber. Look at the one in my husband’s hand lower left photo. Enormous! 

Froggie Friend on my Window

Sorry for the poor photo quality above but sometimes you just don’t have time, or the right lighting to capture nature! We have a froggie friend that loves to attach to our windows and catch bugs. This lil guy has visited us a few times and I finally got a couple of photos before he disappeared into the darkness. 

This time he was above our kitchen window, he usually visits our living room window, but always in the front of the house. You can see how high up he was by the photo on the right. 

Poor Scared Baby Bunny

Speaking of animal friends, this baby bunny got into our yard. I was concerned because we do have a dog and she is quite the hunter, even though she is not a lot larger than this bunny. We had to get the baby back to the unfenced area but she scattered under a small ramp we have going from our back door to the outside. After a little gentle coaxing we got her to run out of the gate. Bunny saved. Isn’t she (or he) adorable! 

You just can't talk to a goose!

Still animal related … During a photo shoot for an upcoming article, and huge giveaway event, (coming very soon!) I attempted to have a rational conversation with a goose. You just can’t rationalize with a goose! Silly goose! 

We did however have a great time at the lake! 

My husband and I, not the goose and me. 

Pretty Fairy Lights!

I received some fairy lights to review on Amazon, which I hope to have a review up on the blog here soon for you too. They are lovely! They come in a 10 foot wide curtain of lights and were super easy to unravel because each strand was individually batched together! Not one tangle! I was amazed. We put them on our little front patio behind our little bistro table. Love them! 

So there are a few highlights of our week although we are having a super productive weekend and I will have a DIY project coming very soon, once we are finished making it ourselves. I can’t wait to share more with you in articles like this in the future and I would love it if you would comment and let me know if you would like to see more posts like this on the blog. 

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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