Making Errand Running a Fashion Statement With a Great Fashionable Bag

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We all have to do it. Run Errands. While the mundane may not be all that exciting, there is no reason to go out looking totally thrown together. I admit, I do it too, I think we have all been caught up in the store by an old classmate we haven’t seen in decades only wishing we looked a little more stylish. 

Looking stylish does not have to be difficult however, and all it takes is a great looking bag to pull an outfit together and help us look like we have it together. Now I am not the most together person but I have made some small efforts to at least fake it. Fashionable Bags sure help! Not only are they fashionable, but they are so very affordable too! 

Fashion Statement With a Vbiger Bag from Amazon

We can’t all have a closet filled with Coach and Michael Kors now can we!? The truth is, you don’t have to! However, having a variety of cute handbags is a great thing! I mean think about it ladies … you carry a bag with you every single day! Why should you have to carry the same boring bags, you know, the couple of them that you bought because they are “neutral” and match about every outfit! I have been there. It’s not a crime against fashion, or is it? 

You would not wear the same pair of shoes every day would you? I mean sure we have our trusted ol comfy shoes we prefer, and maybe you have one specific bag you grab for when you just don’t want the fuss, but having cute bags is a fashionista’s dream and I just can’t afford to buy a million high dollar bags! 

Fashion Statement With a Vbiger Bag from Amazon

This super cute bag really is something I am in love with. So many pockets to store anything you can imagine, a bright color interior so you can actually FIND your items. I personally detest those dark linings! How does anyone find anything in them? Also look at the detail on this bag! Three different straps so you can change the way you carry it, the shoulder strap is adjustable too! Oh and did I mention that it is affordable? Under 30.00 USD Shipped! This bag also comes in a second color: 

Fashion Statement With a Vbiger Bag from Amazon

I find this Bag perfect for those days I want to look like I have it together and need places for everything! It is super roomy, super cute, and has pockets galore! The interior is a vibrant pink color, and the bag has one outside zip pocket, two interior zip pockets, the center one being super deep going to the bottom of the bag itself, and three open compartments for a cell phone, your lipstick and perfume – two must have on the grab items of course, and anything else you need easy access to! 

Fashion Statement With a Vbiger Bag from Amazon

Also with the three variegated colors you can match it with so many outfits! I just love the colors in this bag, and I also love the other color shown above! At these prices you can get both! 

Bag Measurements are: 
Size: 36cm (Length) x 33cm (Height) x 14cm (Thickness). Handle Height: 14cm

Fashion Statement With a Vbiger Bag from Amazon

Let’s face it ladies, we may not have our hair perfect every day, or our makeup may not be Glamour Shots worthy, but with a cute bag, and some tidy accessories, we can appear like we know what we are doing. Fashion blogger or not, most days I am faking it and cute bags make it look easy! 

Fashion Statement With a Vbiger Bag from Amazon

Fashion Statement With a Vbiger Bag from Amazon
Fashion Statement With a Vbiger Bag from Amazon
Fashion Statement With a Vbiger Bag from Amazon
Life is too busy, we have too much to do to worry about how to stay put together! Running into old friends, or not so friendly people can be embarrassing and intimidating when we run out the door looking frazzled! It’s easy to be put together as long as you have one amazing accessory like these bags! 

Go treat yourself to a few Cute Bags on Amazon and enjoy feeling put together, looking good, and being organized! 

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