SASHKA CO Fair Trade Beautiful Glass Bead Bracelets + Coupon!

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Handmade One Size Fits All Roll On Glass Beaded Bracelets from SHASKA

SASHKA Bracelet Review
SASHKA Bracelet Review
Fair Trade Handmade Bracelets from SHASKA
I was super excited when SASHKA allowed me to select three of their beautiful handmade glass beaded bracelets to facilitate a review. I had been eyeing their gorgeous designs for ages and finally decided to reach out and ask if I could share their products with my readers. They agreed and I selected the colors above to compliment my blog color theme. They are after all my favorite colors! 
I wanted to share their bracelets with you for several reasons. One of those reasons is that they are fair trade and made by artisans in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal where they are hand crocheted with the world’s finest glass beads. They are also one size fits most, with a roll over design. Another reason I wanted to share this brand with you is because proceeds from your purchase empower Nepalese artisans to rise above poverty due to the fair trade system that SAHKA implements. These beautiful glass bead bracelets by SASHKA are made with love, skill, passion, and the worlds finest glass and sterling silver beads which go into each and every bracelet. 

More about Fair Trade from the SASHKA website: 

Fair Trade enables sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model that benefits farmers, workers, consumers, industry and the earth.

A Living Wage:

The fair trade pricing system enables workers to receive a livable income that covers their basic needs, which include food, shelter, education, and health care for their families. Fair Traders pay producers promptly and, if necessary, help them with access to pre-production financing.

Long Term Investment:

Fair trade is about building direct, long-term and stable relationships between importers and producers. Long term contracts are a key component of Fair Trade because they provide artisans with consistent work and job security.

Empowerment For Women:

Fair trade provides employment without discrimination and ensures equal pay for equal work for both women and men. According to the Fair Trade Federation, 70% of fair trade artisans are women who are often the sole wage earners in their homes. Fair trade not only allows women to earn an income, while attending to their daily tasks, but also provides them with leadership positions and an equal voice in decision making.

Safe & Healthy Working Conditions:

Fair trade means a safe and healthy working environment for artisans and farmers and no forced or exploited child labor.

Transparent Trade Terms:

Fair trade ensures transparent trade terms throughout the supply chain. Finances, management policies and business practices of businesses engaged in fair trade are transparent.

Note: For more information about fair trade go to the Word Fair Trade Organization: or the Fair Trade Federation http://www.fairtradefed

I am all about empowerment, especially the empowerment of women and I love supporting businesses that help to facilitate a positive role in our world. I feel SASHKA truly embodies this ideal. 

I am in love with the SASHKA bracelets I selected too! 

SASHKA Bracelets Fair Trade Business
SASHKA Glass Bead Bracelets 

The bracelets I selected are styles E19, center bracelet, in blue, white, and gold pattern, A1 in solid gold, bottom bracelet, and B16 gold with pink accents on top. You will be sure to find many colors, and patterns you love too! One thing I love is that the SASHKA inventory is being changed and updated regularly so if you find something new you can’t live without grab it, it may be one of those really popular and rare styles that sell out fast! 

I love how versatile they are and how you can wear them with almost any type of fashion you may be wearing, also they have colors to match everything in your closet! 

I have my eye on several other bracelets at the SASHKA website and I am always looking out for their amazing sales, which come around often! Sign up for the newsletter (lower right corner of their website, or pop up when you first visit their site) to get emails on all of their deals and sales! 

SASHKA Fair Trade Bracelets
SASHKA Glass Bead Fair Trade Bracelets

Each bracelet costs 13.00 USD which is more than a fair price for something that is such wonderful quality, and hand made! Imagine the work that goes into each bracelet! I know I could not make one to save my life, but some of the women making them, are doing so for that very purpose! Remember these are made by women who otherwise may be poverty stricken, not to guilt you into buying, that is not my angle, nor that of SASHKA, but if you need a great reason to justify treating yourself, you got one! 

SASHKA Fair Trade Glass Bead Bracelets
SASHKA Fair Trade Glass Bead Bracelets 

The beauty and detail of each bracelet is so much more than I can show you online and if you look close up you can see just how well these bracelets are created, each by hand! If I attempted this kind of craftsmanship I am sure it would come out looking somewhat Dr. Suessish! 

SASHKA Detail Beauty Craftsmanship
SASHKA Detail Beauty Craftsmanship

I decided not to show you my outfit that I styled the bracelets with because I want you to see these pieces close up, and close to something as perfect as the bracelets themselves. 

The best thing to compare is the beauty of nature, so I took my camera out, rainy day and all, just to show you how intricate each bracelet is. Just like the beautiful intricacy of nature itself. 

I hope you are like me, and can appreciate the work and talent that goes into each piece.

Currently SASHKA is offering a discount! Use Code SW20 for 20% off or Code FREE for buy three get two free! PLUS FREE SHIPPING! 

I would jump on the buy three get two free offer personally and I just may! There are so many more I want! This is a limited time offer – good while it’s good, however long that may be. 

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