Ohuhu Makeup Organizer Review

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for my review. 

Ladies I think many of you can relate to the need for better if not more organization of your beauty and makeup products. I know I have revamped my makeup space a million times but it never seems to be organized the way I would like. Having easy access to our beauty items is a must, but we usually find that our space is cluttered, disorganized, messy, and at times just a total waste land, making those items we kept within reach seem to disappear into thin air. It is an endless process of keeping things out in the open so they are easy to find, then losing them because they all pile up on each other. 

I was given the chance to test out a makeup and beauty organizer, so I jumped at the chance. I can never have too many ways to store and organize my items! 

Enter Ohuhu Makeup Organizer

Ohuhu Makeup Organizer Review
Ohuhu Makeup Organizer

The Ohuhu Makeup Organizer is perfect for storing your makeup, makeup tools, even jewelry! It has two sections that can be used together, stacked, or separately. It has a high transparency so you can see everything inside. Size is 9.4″x7.5″x5.9″ and is made of acrylic materials. 

Ohuhu Makeup Organizer Review
Out of the Box – Ohuhu Makeup Organizer

When you open the box you have the top section, bottom drawers, and the liners for the drawers. It is super easy to assemble, and you can start using it right away! 

I will show you my before and after of my makeup space. 

Ohuhu Makeup Organizer Review
Ohuhu Makeup Organizer Before and After 

As you can see I created a much more organized and clean space. I love how many lippie stations the organizer has! Before I could only have a few of my favorite lip colors within reach but now I have more than tripled the amount and we all know I love so many lip colors that I needed this! 

I also have kept my most used brushes out in the brush holders, but stored my more specialized brushes in the drawers. Still easy to access, but not out collecting dust! I have pets so my home is full of dust, and other floaties! 

Some of the spaces are large enough to store several round mineral products like foundation, blush, and concealers! 

The Ohuhu Makeup Organizer is sturdy, and I am loving it! 

Ohuhu also sells other sizes of the organizer and you can find all of the selections using any of the links above. You can even buy the sections individually if you want extra drawers or slotted organizing sections. 

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