Buy 2 Get 1 Free from SASHKA CO Bracelets New Coupon Code

As a SASHKA CO Ambassador I try to keep you up to date on new coupon codes. SASHKA CO seems to always have a new great deal to offer us.

These bracelets were purchased by me because I love SASHKA CO quality, styles, colors, and their purpose!

SASHKA CO Bracelets
You may have read about SASHKA CO in some of my other posts however if you have not please check out more about them in my first SASHKA CO post where I talk about their Fair Trade standards and how they help the women in Nepal. There you can also see more styles that I have selected from SASHKA CO. In this second post you can see two styles my daughter selected.

SASHKA CO surely has a color and style that will speak to your heart and at the same time, you can do something good to empower women!
The most recent deal from SASHKA CO is Buy 2 Get 1 Free and the code is BOHO which you will enter at checkout. Be sure you have at least three bracelets in your cart to activate the discount.
In the photo above I am wearing the following selections:
SASHKA CO Bracelets
SASHKA CO Bracelets
SASHKA CO Bracelets

Not individually pictured are SASHKA CO D3 and H4. In the future, I will have to remember to grab images when I select my styles because styles sell out super fast ladies! The moral of this is to grab them before they are gone! Especially if you really love a color or pattern! Now the good news is that SASHKA CO does bring back popular designs often, but I personally would not want to risk it!

For this reason, I am not linking directly to any of the styles but please check out SASHKA CO and help empower women and help them fight poverty while doing something nice for yourself! Each bracelet is only 13.00 and right now you get one free when you buy two! These are very nicely made bracelets that make wonderful gifts as well!




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