The Footmate System is Great I Highly Recommend It

Disclosure: I received the Footmate System free to facilitate this review.

I never thought about a system like this being for exfoliation! Granted it is a wonderful way to cleanse your feet without having to use the same scrubbie, loofah, or wash cloth that you use on your body, which I never like to do. But it is also an amazing way to get all the rough spots off of your tootsies too! I am loving the results I am getting from the FootMate System!

FootMate Shower Foot Scrubber & Rejuvenating Gel System
Wow This Footmate System is Great!
Footmate System

About the Product:

FootMate (White Base and Blue & Teal Bristles) with anti-mildew retrieval rope, 7.5 oz Bottle of NEWLY Formulated Rejuvenating Gel, & Instruction Leaflet.

MADE IN THE USA – FootMate is a complete foot care system for cleaning, soothing, and massaging feet in the shower.

Suction Cups on the Side Keep it in Place to Prevent Falls.

Anti-mildew retrieval rope will allow easy lifting of the FootMate from the shower of the bath.
11,000 Bristles Contoured to Cradle your Foot.

Now I have used all sorts of exfoliating do-dads on my feet. Everything works alright, some things better than others. What I love about this however is that you are getting cleansing and exfoliating at the same time. I have used it in every shower I have taken since I received it! Its so simple, and it does help with the exfoliation in one simple added step! Plus you are not using your regular washing item to clean your feet which is sort of icky if you ask me.

I Love the FootMate System!
Sparing you my personal foot photo. 

I am sparing you having to see the photos I took of my own feet while using the product, let’s stick with the models beautiful foot above shall we? I think so.

I will however show you the product as I received it at my home.

Footmate System Available on Amazon
The Footmate System as I Received It.

It really is a nice product, well made, durable, and does what it says it will do.

Now I admit to having sensitive feet. I tickle easily too. Every time I use it I do have to get past those initial tickles, but that only takes a moment. The bristles can be a slight bit rough on tender feet so don’t go putting all of your weight on it, but that is not how it is intended to be used anyway.

I love the different types of bristles, and you just move your foot around to clean and exfoliate where you need with the type of bristle you desire.

I also like the rope for hanging to dry in between showers.

I have not had any problems with the system slipping either.

I do like the cleansing gel that the system comes with and find it is a nice addition to receive it with the scrubber. You can also use your own shower gel. 

Overall I really like mine a lot and would absolutely recommend that you Get a Footmate System for yourself.

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