Beautiful Hand Painted Valentina Wine Glasses from Paris

Disclosure: I received the Valentina Wine Glasses at no cost to facilitate this review. Amazon affiliate links are used in this post. 

If you are looking for a statement piece you can drink your wine out of – look no further! I have found my Holy Grail when it comes to beautiful, stately, stunning, wine glasses. Try saying that three times really fast after a big glass of wine! 

These wine glasses from Valentina are gorgeous, so pretty that I am keeping them up on my “pretties” shelf when not in use, although they are often in use. 

Aren't the Valentina Wine Glasses Gorgeous!?
Artistically designed, crafted, and looking! 

Aren’t they the best!? I love them and they are in fact the prettiest wine glasses I have ever seen or owned. Now I will warn you, they are BIG ladies! These are the glasses you get out when you want to treat yourself to a nice long evening, or afternoon of vino. Perfect for those parties with your girlfriends! 

Let’s learn more about how they are made:

Enjoying wine is more than just imbibing in delicious alcohol-it’s about embracing a sophisticated lifestyle that embodies exclusivity and luxury. Wine embodies passion, excellence, and sophistication; all qualities you’ll find in each and every one of our wine glasses. We create works of art that not only enhance the drinking experience, but the entire ambiance in the room. Using the time-honored tradition of mouth-blown glass, our professional artists hand paint each design to ensure high-quality durability and elegance. And because of our superior design, our glasses are a perfect match for any occasion, be it an elegant dinner, casual get together, or relaxing evening with a good book.

Just like the winemakers or vintners carefully craft each bottle of delicious wine, so too will you find the same experience, passion, and standard of excellence put into every single one of our wine glasses. Get your own unique pair of wine glasses today and experience what it truly means to enjoy wine.

Oh and they also come with a 100% money back guarantee, but I can guarantee you are going to love them! 

Each Glass is Different!
Each Glass Is Different! 

I will attest that each glass is truly different. Since they are mouth blown, and hand painted, no two glasses will be exactly the same in pattern, which is nice. They will be the same shape and size, so no worries there, but the designs are al unique, truly making them works of art, not just some made in a big sweat shop type of product. 

You will love the Valentina Wine Glasses so go order yours today! I know I want to order at least two more sets for myself!

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