Berry Beauty and Fashion Trends ~ AZO Brings on the Berry and a Sweepstakes!

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Ladies, I think most of us by midlife already know how good cranberry is for our bodies. Women have been using cranberries for decades to relieve the stress on their urinary tracts. In fact my mother was told by her mother, and they both told me to always have a giant can of cranberry juice on hand, and I always kept one on hand for many years. That is until I learned about AZO

AZO Cranberry Gummies

Since learning about AZO I have never had to keep that can of cranberry juice on hand! Now I don’t mind cranberry juice per say, I just am not IN LOVE with it. I also never bought the sugary stuff which does make it taste more appealing, but I do not care for sugar additives in anything if I have a choice. 

AZO is just so much more convenient and a lot easier to pop into your purse! 
Today I want to share with you one of AZO’s newer products AZO Cranberry Gummies! 

AZO Cranberry Gummies
Azo Cranberry Gummies

AZO Cranberry Gummies contain the power of cranberry juice without the tart taste. 

AZO Cranberry Gummies come in delicious mixed berry flavors. 

AZO Cranberry Gummies is a urinary maintenance tool that incorporates the clinically proven benefits of cranberry.* 

AZO Cranberry Gummies is made with Pacran®, a super-concentrated cranberry powder that helps flush the urinary tract to maintain cleanliness.* 

Two AZO Cranberry Gummies equal one 10 ounce glass of cranberry juice**—without the excess calories.*

**Biological activity of 10oz cranberry juice cocktail
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
AZO Cranberry® used under license by i-Health, Inc.
Pacran® is a trademark of Naturex.

Now while cranberries or AZO on it’s own can not prevent UTI’s what it can do is ensure that your body is well protected and helps you maintain a healthy unitary tract! I have to say as a type 1 diabetic, who is prone to such issues, when I am on top of taking my AZO regularly, I never have UTI issues! I fully and honestly believe in this product, and this brand and I have for many years! In fact when I found out that I could blog about this I was super excited! I could not wait to share my feelings on AZO with you! 
I have passed down the knowledge of what AZO products can do for us to my daughter, and she too takes AZO regularly. 

Azo A Brand I Trust
Azo – A Brand I Truly Trust
Now, prior to this campaign for AZO I had not tried their gummies. I have to say after trying them I am in love! They taste great, and let’s face it, when something tastes yummy, it is more fun to take on a daily basis! 2 AZO Gummies Equals one full glass of cranberry juice! After all why not make something so regimented a little more fun right!? 
AZO Gummies are healthy AND delicious! Besides who doesn’t love the color of berries? I know that I adore using berry colors in my daily fashion and beauty routine! 
Berry is so beautiful, so bold, yet so feminine! 
Wether it is the perfect bright berry colored dress: 
AZO Berry Beauty Sweepstakes
Bright Cheerful Berry
Or the prefect sweet and sassy berry colored lippie:
AZO Berry Beauty Sweepstakes
Sweet Berry Lippie
Or a more edgy, deep berry flavor you are going for with your accessories:

AZO Berry Beauty Sweepstakes
Deep Edgy Berry Trend in Accessories

Or the brightest berry top and bag:

AZO Berry Beauty Sweepstakes
Bright Berry Bag, Top, and Earrings
Berry is trending in both beauty and fashion, it is also trending in the world of women’s health and wellbeing! 

Now AZO is bringing us a chance to win the perfect Berry Beauty Bundle! 
AZO Berry Beauty Sweepstakes
AZO Berry Beauty Sweepstakes!
You can enter the AZO Berry Beauty Sweepstakes on the AZO Facebook Page
I would love to win this berry beauty bundle of amazing items from brands like Clinque, Marc Jacobs, Philosophy, and more, not to leave out a full sized AZO Cranberry Gummies! 
If you would love to win this too enter the AZO Berry Beauty Sweepstakes through the AZO Facebook link above. 
Look for these hashtags for more info on Azo Berry Beauty Sweepstakes and Azo Products. 




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