The Perfect Glass of Wine with Vintla Adjustable Wine Aerator

Disclosure: I received the Vintla Adjustable Wine Aerator for free to facilitate this review. I am also using Amazon affiliate links. 

Ladies, I like my wine. It does not have to be the most expensive wine, but it also can’t be cheapo wine either. 

One thing I have been lacking in the world of wine is an aerator. As much as I love wine, I really did not see the need for one, until now. 

The Perfect Glass of Wine with Vintla Adjustable Wine Aerator
Vintla Adjustable Wine Aerator

Well, The search for the perfect wine aerator is over! The Vintla Adjustable Wine Aerator
is the latest, most effective upgraded wine aerator available. The stainless steel twist band puts you in control to release true flavor for a mellower softer wine. The bitter “pucker” is gone even in inexpensive wine.

Whether you are an experienced wine enthusiast or you drink wine casually you WILL notice the difference.

Now I will also admit … I did not know how to use an aerator! I kept looking for the “on” button! Seriously lol. Well there is no “on” button or switch. You just simply adjust the dial to the age of your wine, and pour it through the aerator. The aerator then makes this soft gurgling sound, which I admit surprised me. 
The “Vintla Gurgle” softens the bitter tannins and instantly improves the aromas and fruit flavors in red and whites.
The dial controls how much air is mixed to suit young and older reds and whites.
Also while stocks last you get a bonus foil cutter which is super easy to use-works in one twist-great for hands that aren’t so strong, plus travel pouch and non-drop stand. I really liked using this. never have I been able to neatly, nor easily open the foil part of a wine bottle! It leaves your wine bottle looking pretty and makes you look like you know what you are doing! 
The Perfect Glass of Wine with Vintla Adjustable Wine Aerator
Easy to Make a Clean Cut! 
Another bonus you will receive is a Wine & Food Pairing Guide written by a professional in simple language about different wine styles and what food to put with them.  

Note: You will receive a code to access the Guide from the Vintla website.
This for me is a huge bonus because I love attempting good food and wine parings!

The Perfect Glass of Wine with Vintla Adjustable Wine Aerator
The Perfect Glass of Wine with Vintla Adjustable Wine Aerator

More about the Vintla Adjustable Wine Aerator:

Made of FDA approved materials.
Easy to hold, no covering up air inlet holes like the Venturi. Large capacity pour chamber.
Non-drip stand included.
Super quick to clean – just rinse or dishwasher safe..
Because of this we can offer our better than money back guarantee – if in 30 days you don’t love how your wines taste noticeably more delicious we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.
Guaranteed for 5 years against breakage.

Now so I bet you are all wondering if I really tasted a difference in my wine. 

First let me start with saying while I love to try all types of wine, my favorite is from Francis Ford Coppola and it is called Sante’. It is my favorite “affordable” wine that is excellent as a daily night time sipping wine, with steak, cook outs, etc and so on. I call it “Ol reliable”. 
What this means to you is I am familiar with this wine, and how it tastes, so I can absolutely judge the aerator based on this wine. 
So my assessment is: 
It does bring out more rich texture, and flavor.
Berry notes seem to spring to life a bit more. 
Spicy notes come forward a tad more. 
Fuller Body.
Deeper aroma. 

The Perfect Glass of Wine with Vintla Adjustable Wine Aerator
Red Red Wine You Make Me Feel So Fine ~ UB40 

No it isn’t going to make your 3 year old 21 dollar bottle of wine taste like a vintage 210 dollar bottle of wine, but it does make it taste a lot better. 

Now look, if you are happy with Boons Farm, more power to you, but if you like good wine, or great wine, you should invest in the tools to make your wine even better. 

No more waiting around for my wine to “breathe” – the Vintla Adjustable Wine Aerator takes care of that for me, getting me to my glass of vino much sooner! Yay! 

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