Start Your Bean Box Seattle Coffee Journey Free Trial!

Disclosure: I received a Bean Box free of charge to facilitate this review. I am also using affiliate links in this post. 

Over this past week I have been trying out the coffee selections in my first ever Bean Box.

Bean Box delivers freshly roasted coffee from Seattle’s top roasters to your doorstep.

Start Your Bean Box Seattle Coffee Journey Free Trial!
Start Your Bean Box Seattle Coffee Journey
Some of the Bean Box Coffee Roasters

I, like many of you, love a great cup of coffee! I also love trying out new coffees from around the globe and coffee from Seattle is absolutely some of the very best coffee in the nation! We all know that coffee is one of the main things Seattle is known for. With that said, I want to show you my Bean Box and discuss what I thought of the coffee selections I received. 

Start Your Bean Box Seattle Coffee Journey
My Four Coffee Samples 
Above are the four samples I received from Bean Box. These are large samples, enough for several cups of coffee per bag depending on how strong you like to brew your cup! 
The subscription is only 20.00 per month and allows for you to try out coffee you may not normally have access to with out the risk of a larger investment before getting to sample. 
You do have some options when subscribing such as what types of roasts you prefer, as well as two different subscriptions, one which is “Fill  your morning cup” and the other which is called “Expand Your Palette”. The expand your palette selection offers some more unique blends with spices, and other unusual additives. There is also a choice for decaf if that is your thing. 
If you find a coffee you adore and need more of, you can purchase directly through Bean Box. 
Start Your Bean Box Seattle Coffee Journey
Oh And Candy From See’s Too! 

Oh and before I forget, I also received two pieces of See’s candy – Cafe Latte’ flavor in my box as well. These were so yummy!

So I want to give you my personal tasting notes on each of the coffees I received:

The first coffee provided that I tried was the Slate Coffee Roasters ~ Brazil Sitio Groto Funda.

Start Your Bean Box Seattle Coffee Journey
Slate Coffee Roasters Brazil Sitio Groto Funda

I literally wrote my notes on the back of each package as I tried them and here is what I wrote on the back of this package:

Energy for days, Sweet, Yummy, energy.

Notice I put energy twice!

Ladies, and the men who may be reading this, let me just say that when I had this coffee I had the most productive energy in life. I cleaned out two huge junk drawers, I cleaned and reorganized a closet, I did all my housework, and several other odds and ends projects that needed done since we moved into this house a little over a year ago! This coffee is AMAZING if you want or need to be super productive! I may have to buy more of this one.

The second coffee I sampled was the Herkimer Coffee ~ Burundi Ninga.

Start Your Bean Box Seattle Coffee Journey
Herkimer Coffee Burundi Ninga

Tasting notes on this package that I wrote down are: 

Very smooth, slight spice, full mouthfeel, intoxicating aroma, no jitters. 

This is a very nice cup. It is an all around excellent morning coffee that gives you the energy boost you need without making you race through the entire house to clean it, and does not give you any jitters. A great every day cup with excellent flavor notes. 

The next coffee I sampled was from Fonte Coffee Roasters ~ Portofino Blend.

Start Your Bean Box Seattle Coffee Journey
Fonte Coffee Roasters ~ Portofino Blend

Tasting notes on this coffee are: Great with liquor such as Amaretto, basic flavor but good mellower buzz. 
So this coffee does give a hint of a caffeine buzz but nothing overwhelming. I had a cup of this on its own then had a cup with Amaretto and it was – as the Bean Box says on the label in their own tasting notes, that it pairs well with your favorite PJ’s. Once I had the Amaretto in it, the mellow buzz was more like a relaxing hum. 
It also states it is an excellent French Press coffee. I make most all of my coffees in a French Press or Chemex. 
Last we have a coffee from True North ~ Guatemalan Finca Puerta Verde

Start Your Bean Box Seattle Coffee Journey
True North ~ Guatemalan Finca Puerta Verde

My tasting notes read: Deep, Rich, Robust, Delicious. 
This is a delicious and delightful cup that makes for a wonderful after dinner coffee, or would be dreamy with some cream and whipped topping as a dessert coffee! You could also add some liquor if you desired I imagine, such as Bailey’s Irish Cream, that would be the frosting on this yummy cup I believe. 
The only problem I have with this coffee is that I am out of it! Yes I have drank it down to the last sip, and may need to buy more. 
Bean Box — Freshly roasted Seattle coffee delivered monthly
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Start Your Bean Box Seattle Coffee Journey
15% off Full Bags! Yay! 

So did I fall in love? Yes, yes I did! At only 20.00 per month, I feel it is more than worth the price! 

Are you going to get your FREE TRIAL

I would and I am going to subscribe because I enjoyed every single coffee in my trial box! 

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