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Ladies today is beautiful. The weather is hot, a sticky 95 degrees, however I am excited that it looks like summer is finally here. I also got to wear a new boho blouse I recently received from Golden Tote.

ZaZa Selfie Stick by Huuman
Photos Taken by Me with the ZaZa Selfie Stick

This post however is not about my clothing. This article is about something every lady needs, bloggers, mothers, teens, etc. Guys you can have one too! Its a selfie stick! Now I know, a lot of you may think selfies are silly, but let’s face it, if you are a mom, or grandmother, you know for a fact you are always the one behind the camera! My husband does take a lot of photos of me that I request him to take, for my blog. However, rarely does he just pull out his cell phone and start taking photos! I know I take photos of the family all of the time, but I have for years felt left out of the family album!

Also these days we just do not get out to the professional photographers, or even the local mall spot to have family portraits taken. I do not know if this is due to my kids being grown now, or that we all have access to cameras on our phones these days, but family portraits have become a thing of the past in our home.

I could list out a million more reasons why you need a selfie stick, and that it is okay to have one even if you are past your twenties, but I think you know why you need one! You deserve to have awesome photos of yourself too!

So, today I want to tell you about the ZaZa Selfie Stick by Huuman.
ZaZa Selfie Stick by Huuman
ZaZa Selfie Stick Images

I love the ease of use of the ZaZa Selfie Stick! It operates on Bluetooth technology so all you have to do is place your phone in the holder, turn on the selfie stick, pair it to bluetooth, and push the button which is right on the handle! Look, I am not tech guru but I set this up all by myself in about two minutes! Oh and I also love that you can select from four colors! I selected the blue color.

You can get a lot of fun and unique angles with this selfie stick because it allows you to not only place the phone holder on two different wants, but you can twist and turn the holder into various positions with ease and it holds firmly in place due to the screw mechanism. The handle is also quite long, it telescopes so you can get the width in your photos as well if you want to get some of the landscape behind you, take overhead shots, get a crowd at a concert or sporting event in with you, or whatever your heart desires! It’s great for action and group shots.

The handle has a nice grip on it and is water resistant, sweat proof, and forms to your hand for a slip proof secure grip, which I like a lot because I have small hands.

ZaZa Selfie Stick by Huuman
ZaZa Selfie Stick by Huuman

Notes from Huuman:

Bluetooth Remote Shutter Universally Compatible with Smartphones – Including but not limited to: Apple iPhones (4,5,6/6plus – IOS 7, 8+), Samsung Galaxy Tab or Note (3,4,5,6 – Android), or Blackberry (Windows).

Use clip 2 ways or attach camera/GoPro to mount. 

Integrated rechargeable battery : Charges by mini usb using your computer, laptop, wall adapter or portable charger. You’ll be ready to use Zaza in about 1 hour.
Carrying Pouch Included: Handy case makes it easy to bring with you anywhere.

Included: 1 ZaZa selfie shooting monopod (97cm) • 1 phone clip • 1 mini usb cable • 1 case

Personally I love the fact that you can charge this from your computer or any USB port! No batteries to deal with or for them to run out just when you need it most! I also love the included carrying case to protect the ZaZa when on the go.

Oh and after I ordered my ZaZa Selfie Stick they emailed me this really cool free ebook called “How to Take Selfies Like a Rockstar” which gave me a ton of great tips, not just on how to use the ZaZa Selfie Stick but how to get the best shots using different editing techniques, angles, lighting, and more. I am totally going to eat this info up for my own usage both in my personal life and on my blog!

I am going to get better at my Selfie Stick Photos and perhaps I won’t need the hubby to take so many of my shots for the blog! I am excited to finally be on board with the whole selfie stick fad! Hey I may be over forty but I like to be included in the family album too!

ZaZa Selfie Stick
Fun With Angles and Editing

Get your ZaZa Selfie Stick today! 

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