Bringing Out My Irish with D&O Celtic Jewelry

Disclosure: I received the Motherhood Knot Necklace free to facilitate this review. 

So I am part Irish. I am not sure how much exactly, but I know that it is quite a bit. My maternal grandmother’s maiden name is Redmond. I also love Celtic jewelry. In fact I have been in awe of Celtic symbolism since I was a child. 

This necklace by D&O Celtic Jewelry is a beautiful design in Sterling Silver called Celtic Motherhood Knot Necklace. 

Bringing Out My Irish with D&O Cletic Jewelry
Stunning Design and Beauty!

There are just so many things to discuss and love about the jewelry from D&O Celtic Jewelry, such as the fact that they are 3D printed, I mean how cool is that? Then let’s learn a littlt about the symbolism of the Motherhood Knot from D&O Celtic Jewelry:

About the Motherhood Knot Necklace Symbol:

The Celtic Motherhood Knot is a heart-shaped Celtic Knot. It has two separate heart-shaped Celtic knots that are interwoven. The two separate knots are meant to represent mother and child. Notice that the lower knot is an upside-down Trinity Knot that has two the the corners rounded into a heart shape. Sometimes I have seen birthstones or other colors incorporated into this symbol. Those are meant to represent each child. The other knot is also a stylized trinity knot as well. 

There is also a spiritual element to the meaning, too. According to this article, “The knots and spirals with never-ending lines symbolize the Celts’ beliefs in eternal life and in humans’ complex relationship with the natural and the divine.” A common theme among all Celtic knots is that they stand for virtues, such as wisdom, strength, love and honesty. Some have said it is also a symbol of fertility. All of these would apply to motherhood knot necklace.

I myself love the spiritual elements to the design as I love wearing something that has meaning behind it. 

The Motherhood Knot design was one of Dan’s first 3D designs, originally a ring, he later made necklaces, and I am so happy that he did! This design is still one of Dan’s most popular.

There are many other options as well if you love this necklace but perhaps want, or need a different metal. 

Bringing Out My Irish with D&O Celtic Jewelry
D&O Celtic Motherhood Knot Necklace Up Close

I really appreciate that the necklace arrived in a velvet bag and safely packaged for its travel to my home. I have the perfect wooden keepsake box to keep it in because a piece of jewelry like this is in fact, a keepsake! This is something that is hand crafted by an artesian and should be handed down for generations to come! 

I just can not describe how quality this piece is ladies. Even the chain is quite lovely. 

Bringing Out My Irish with D&O Celtic Jewelry
Does This Necklace Make Me Look Irish?

I think that this would make a heartfelt gift to any woman, especially a mother, grandmother, or mother to be. It has a meaning behind it, is handcrafted, and 3D designed which brings the old world charm into the future if you think about it. 

I often day dream about how once upon a time everything was handcrafted, and how much work went into the most simplistic of things. Today we have so much tech at our fingertips that anymore things just do not carry the meaning they once did. I love how Dan Foley has found a way to marry the past, and the present in his art work and designs. 

Bringing Out My Irish with D&O Celtic Jewelry
A Stylish Conversation Peice

Have you ever worn a nice piece of jewelry and had someone compliment you? I have. There is always that “oh thank you” response followed by awkward silence. 

With this necklace and all the other pieces from D&O Celtic Jewelry, when someone gives you a compliment, and they will … you can come back with not just a simple thank you, but a conversation about how the piece is 3D designed, as well as the symbolism of the piece itself! 

D&O Designs also offers gift cards. Please check out their blog. And follow D&O Celtic Jewelry on Pintrest.  

Dan Foley has been designing Celtic jewelry from 3D printing since 2012. He is inspired by his Irish heritage and by other 3D modeling artists. The “O” of D&O is his son Owen, who is an aspiring 3D designer himself. To learn more, go to their website D&O  Celtic Jewelry and join their email list to save 10% off your next purchase! 

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