TomBox a Time of the Month Indulgence

Disclosure: I received a TomBox for free to facilitate this review. Affiliate links are used in this post.

Ladies I am super excited to share with you a “time of the month” box, TomBox, which includes makeup, jewelry items, and in cooler months, candy. 
Now if you think about what you pay for feminine hygiene products alone, the TomBox is well worth the cost of 16 or 22 per month when you learn about everything else you get with it! 
You get to select your feminine product item from a great selection, TomBox had the exact brand and type I personally use. Then there are some other options but I will let you read what TomBox has to say about this:

What are the different types of TomBoxes?  

We offer our standard TomBox for $16 a month which comes with your choice of feminine hygiene product, a sweet treat, 3 beauty items and 1 jewelry item. We offer options to add to your subscription. You can double the makeup and jewelry for only $6 more and receive 6 beauty items and 2 jewelry items.
We also offer the option to add a 4pack of Venus razor blades for only $12.  

For those who don’t need their hygiene supplies we offer a no-flow box. Our no-flow boxes come with all the same items as our TomBoxes minus the hygiene product. 

What’s In a Tom Box? 

The Need 

Your Choice of brand name tampons or pads from Always, Playtex and Tampax, along with a sweet treat such as Hersheys Kisses, Tootsie Rolls, or Lollipops. Delivered every 28 Days to your doorstep. Easy to cancel call, email or cancel through your online account. 

The Want 

A little something that hopefully helps your time of the month will also arrive in your TOM box, we call it the want. Beautiful jewelry such as sterling silver earrings, bracelets, Swarovski crystal necklaces, and more will arrive in a velvet jewelry pouch, each month a new piece. Plus brand name cosmetics from Hard Candy, Elf and More, nail polish, lip gloss, mascara and more. Dare we say it but a TOM box will make that time of the month better, try it yourself today.

I love that they offer a “No Flow” option as some of us no longer need such items! You can get a No Flow box with double the makeup and jewelry for only 18.00 ladies! That is less money for a jewelry and makeup subscription box, for more items than I have found anywhere else! 

I received the 22.00 box with 6 Beauty Items and 2 Jewelry Items and loved it! In fact I enjoyed it more than a lot of the beauty boxes I have subscribed to! 

Tombox a Time of the Month Indulgence
First Look – So Many Things To Open! 

After opening the TomBox everything came in I was excited to see, more boxes to open! I mean isn’t that part of the fun? Each box contains more surprises! I did however see one goodie, something I was wanting to purchase … an eyebrow brush! This is something I absolutely wanted and needed! 

Of course I also saw my feminine item, which I was not as surprised to see since I selected it, but timing was perfect, it was “my time” and I was about out! 

Tombox a Time of the Month Indulgence
Beautiful Jewelry! 

I love jewelry and I love getting jewelry in subscription boxes but at this time I am not subscribed to any jewelry boxes. It was nice to get some in the TomBox. I particularly love the necklace and the bracelet is darling as well. 

Tombox a Time of the Month Indulgence
Close up of Necklace

The necklace is totally “me” and I like that each piece of jewelry was in its own bag for safe keeping. I have already worn it once and I know it will be one of those pieces I reach for often due to its simplicity and ability to match a lot of outfits, and the design is so pretty. 

Tombox a Time of the Month Indulgence
Close Up of Bracelet

I am thinking that the arrow symbol on the charm is about recyling which I am a huge advocate of, and of course we have a heart shaped American flag charm, then the larger charm which says “Live in the Moment”, a sentiment I agree with fully. I am not the biggest fan of bangle bracelets since they get in the way of working on my computer, but I will wear this and think it is a nice addition to the box. 

Tombox a Time of the Month Indulgence
The Makeup!

My box was the 22 dollar box which has added product to it, for 6 dollars more than the regular box you get three extra makeup products and one added jewelry piece. Ladies, more than half of the products are full size! 
I love the cheek and lip stain, which I actually have a sample of from another box, and I welcome the full size product in my makeup collection. The shimmering eye shadow is a good product and I like the way it goes on as well as staying power. I gave the gel eyeliner to my daughter as I do not have a steady enough hand to apply gel or liquid eyeliners. My daughter put it on and loved it, she said it applied very well. I also gave my daughter the oil treatment because she needs it badly right now and I already have plenty of this type of product.
My favorite item of all of the makeup items is the concealer! First of all it matches my skin tone, due to the fact that TomBox asks about skin tone in their sign up process. Thank you TomBox for that! I also need more concealer and I love the twist up application method. I have lippies like this but have never seen it in a concealer before. Very cool item. 
Tombox a Time of the Month Indulgence

Overall I am impressed! From the sign up process in which you give your skin tone, personal style, jewelry style, jewelry type, makeup selections, health and beauty products, eye color, hair color, feminine product choice, and if you want to double your product or not. You can even add a 4 count of Venus Razors if you want to for 12 dollars more. Save money with the 6 month plan. 
TomBox a Time of the Month Indulgence
Step By Step Your Box Is Customized!
TomBox a Time of the Month Indulgence
A 12 Step Program Gives You A Box You Will Love

This isn’t the 12 step program you may have heard about ladies, this is a fully customizable subscription box that will be sure to delight you during that not so delightful time of the month. I was very happy with my box and would love to receive these each and every month. Sign up now and get your first box for only 8.00 for the regular box, upgrades are extra of course. 
A Note from TomBox about their Happiness Guarantee:

At TomBox we want to change the way you view and shop for your period and monthly beauty needs. We are so confident that you will love your TomBox experience that we offer a guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you don’t love your TomBox simply contact Customer Care and we will do all we can to help you resolve any issues you have with your TomBox.

We want you to be happy, stress free and feel beautiful. At TomBox we hope you are a customer for life, and will do all that we can to make your experience extremely positive.

Use the special link below and get your first TomBox for only 8.00!

What a Girl Wants and Needs. Tampons/Pads, Makeup, Jewelry & More 

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