No More Wire Hangers Ever!

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review. 

No I am not talking about the 1981 Movie about Joan Crawford. I am talking about those ugly metal hangers which later then turned into fat ugly plastic hangers that take up way too much space in our closets! No more of those either!

For the past year I have been working on ridding myself of all wire and plastic hangers. Yes it is taking me that long because we have three bedrooms with closets full of clothing. Granted I suppose I could have budgeted for a one time expense of a million lovely velvet covered hangers, but well, I have other things to spend my money on, like more clothes, that will need … MORE HANGERS!

So I have been buying basic black velvet hangers because until now, they have been the easiest for me to find locally. So when I had a chance to review these lovely Heart Detailed Velvet Coat Hangers, and found out how affordable and accessible they are to purchase on Amazon, I jumped at the chance.

Heart Detailed Velvet Coat Hangers
How Cute Are These?

This takes my idea of using velvet hangers to a whole new level! I am not even done converting to all velvet hangers and so now I am faced with the fact that there are heart shaped designs on velvet hangers?! WHAT???

Okay so I am not going to buy a bunch for my closet. I am too close to being done with my black hangers. However, I am going to get the purple heart shaped velvet hangers
for my daughter’s closet! In fact, she is getting this first set.

BriaUSA also sells a lot of other hangers, including my black ones, but they also sell the heart detailed hangers in pink as well. In fact they sell all sorts of hangers, but I am in love with these!

I love the velvet hangers because my clothing does not slip off of them and they do take up far less space allowing me to fit more clothes in my closet. Ladies as well all know, if you have space in your closet then you can justify buying more clothing!

Go check out BriaUSA and get your pretty hangers today!

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