Men Need Accessories Too! Gift Idea

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We ladies are so lucky. We have so many ways to accessorize from switching out our handbag, to what shoes we wear, not to mention scarves, and jewelry, just to name a few of the ways we can switch up our day to day look. Men on the other hand are limited to a few things that they can do to accessorize their look. For the business man, or the man who has the chance to dress up on occasion, awesome ties, and tie clips are a great way for them to really shine!

My husband does not dress up often, but when he does he likes to look sharp, and he loves having different ways to change up his look. I also appreciate the effort he makes to look good when we do have the occasion to go out.

When I saw this 8 Piece Tie Clip Set
available to review I really wanted the chance to share it with all of you, after all the holiday’s are coming up soon, and we need to start figuring out what to get the special guy in our lives. I believe this gift is perfect for any man, younger or older, guys are never too young to learn how to dress well and accessorize, and older men will appreciate a time held tradition of looking their best.

This Tie Clip Set comes already in a nice gift box, which is also good to keep the clips organized for years to come. Ready to wrap, this set is going to make the perfect gift! 

Let’s check them out!

Men Need Accessories Too! Father's Day Gift Idea
Stylish Gift Box Included

This set is regularly priced at 60.00 but right now it is only 16.49 with free Amazon Prime Shipping! A total steal of a deal in my opinion! Have you priced tie clips at your local men’s shops? They are ridiculously priced at over 20.00 each and go up from there.

A little more about the Tie Clips from Men’s BodegTie Clip Gift Set

Perfect Fit – Size: 2.25 Inches Long. Ideal for Regular Size Ties.
Included in Your Purchase: 6 Silver-Tone Tie Bars and 2 Gold-Tone Tie Bars inside a Black Gift Box.

Top Quality: New and Improved Sturdy and Solid Clamp Ensures Your Favorite Tie Will Not Move Throughout Your Busy Day.

How to Wear a Tie Clip: The Tie Bar or Tie Clip Should be Worn Between the 3rd and 4th Buttons on Your Dress Shirt.

Why Wear a Tie Clip: Because Details Matter and Your Tie is No Exception. This Tie Clip Set will Elevate Your Old Boring Ties to New Levels.

Tie Clips from Men's Bodega Perfect for Father's Day
Eight Stylish Tie Clips

I really like that they tell us where to wear the tie clip, and why it is important, these are honestly things I did not know that their purpose was to keep your tie from slipping and moving around. Granted I knew they were a style addition, but they actually have a purpose. I also did not realize they were to be worn between the third and fourth buttons. I wonder if my hubby knows this? I will have to ask him.  

I absolutely love the selection of clips provided in this gift set. They offer both silver and gold tones, and mixed tones as well. Some have crystals in them, some have patterns, and textures. It’s difficult to select a favorite. 

Father's Day Gift Idea
Do You Have a Favorite? 

I selected a few to show you on a tie. I will say that they do not work so well on a skinny tie, although I am not personally a fan of skinny ties, they seem to be trying to make a comeback. I hope they do not but my husband does own one. I tried a clip on it, the clip was too wide, which is fine, as most of my husband’s ties are regular or wide width.

Stylish Tie Clips Perfect Father's Day Gift!
Just a Few Options

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Men's Bodega Tie Clips

Get ahead of the game on your holiday shopping with the Tie Clip Gift Set from Men’s Bodega. 

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