Get Your Youthful Look Back With Dermaflage

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Ladies we all start to notice at some point in our lives the signs of aging. First we notice thin tiny lines, sometimes around the mouth, or eyes and before you know it you have frown lines. I have distinct lines between my eyes! We want to look the way we feel, young and still having fun! 

Well now we can get our youthful look back and reduce those lines, without injections or health risk with Dermaflage. Dermaflage is a a Silicone filler that conceals frown lines. 
Get Your Youthful Look Back With Dermaflage
Clinically and dermatologist tested, Dermaflage was invented by a special effect makeup professional and is used by TV and movie stars. It’s non-irritating and hypo-allergenic and guaranteed to match your skin tone.

Dermaflage has a three step process where you apply a primer, put on a silicone filler, then apply a tiny pad that looks like real skin and hold it in place for one minute. If you have ever applied make up, you can use Dermaflage easily. Dermaflage is waterproof and one application lasts 36 hours.  

With Dermaflage, your frown lines are concealed, and you can show off the youthful glow you feel on the inside, with beautiful glowing skin on the outside.

Visit today to order and save 15% off starter kids with code: blog15 which is only valid through May 31st, 2015. 

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