Over 40 Date Day Fashion – Kut in Lawrence, Kansas

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One of mine, and my husband’s favorite places to go for a quick get away is a town about 20 minutes from ours called Lawrence, Kansas. Yesterday we decided to take a trip over to Lawrence for dinner at one our favorite Mediterranean restaurants called Aladdin Cafe.

Lawrence is a quaint college town, home to Kansas University and the Jayhawks, the place where basketball was literally invented!

People in Lawrence come from all walks of life, and it is a great place to check out all types of fashion statements. The great thing about fashion in Lawrence is that no one judges no matter how different their style may be. It’s an all accepting town where you can wear what you are comfortable in and fresh fashion ideas abound! 

Since it was Memorial Weekend, the town was eerily deserted, many shops were closed. Usually you will find shops, even some clothing shops open until the wee hours. You can find restaurants open until 5am on a regular basis as well. Luckily the places we wanted to drop into were open.

Over 40 Date Day Fashion - Kut in Lawrence, Kansas
Empty Lawrence Streets

I wanted to be comfortable, and warm, since it was raining off and on all day. I opted for my Kut From The Kloth Diana Toothpick Skinny Jeans, which I received in a Wantable Style Edit, and the Merrilee Blouse from Kut From The Kloth online store. My hooded jacket is BB Dakota from
– a Fashion Subscription Service. Because I knew we would be doing a lot of walking I opted for flat sandals from BC Footwear as when enjoying the sites of Lawrence, comfort is key. My bag was purchased at Coldwater Creek during their store close out, a steal I picked up for less than twenty dollars! 

Over 40 Date Day Fashion - Kut in Lawrence, Kansas
What I Wore

Style Tip: Short girls do not always need to have their jeans and pants altered. Cuffing is very much in style for any age right now. You can always alter them later. Have some fun with different types of cuffing, or leave them long if you are wearing shoes that allow for it. I decided to go with tall cuffs, which is a definative fashion statement. Granted, like any fad, what is current now, can and most likely will change, but I have always loved cuffing. It was popular in the 50’s, made a return in the 80’s and its back once again. A fad I am happy with.

Over 40 Date Day Fashion - Kut in Lawrence, Kansas
Lightening Strikes! 

My husband and I did not even notice the cool streak of lightening on the wall behind me until after taking the photos! We just wanted to get the cool streetlight in the picture. The “lightening strike” is not planned art, put there by someone, but rather just a crack in the building itself. Pretty cool isn’t it! I love little unexpected surprises, especially when snapping photos for the blog. 

Over 40 Date Day Fashion - Kut in Lawrence, Kansas
I Love How Mystical It Looks! 

Lawrence is an arts center as well and you can find on just about every block a walkway connecting one street to the next. In these walkways you will discover unique works of art on the walls.

Over 40 Date Day Fashion - Kut in Lawrence, Kansas
Artwork on Wallkway Walls In Lawrence, Kansas. 

It may not be the Louvre but I do enjoy looking around contemplating who the artist is, and what their point of view or motivation in their work is. I don’t know if you can be a great fashion designer, or true fashionista without having some level of appreciation for all aspects of art form. 

Over 40 Date Day Fashion - Kut in Lawrence, Kansas
Contemplating Artwork

The only “problem” with Lawrence is that you can become totally lost there. From the shops themselves, to the street musicians, the amazing places to eat, and the artwork. While we were walking to our selected dining establishment I saw so many things I wanted to take photos of to share with you but I was also quite hungry, and just didn’t pause to do so. Truth is, I would never have made it to my destination if I paused for every photo opp Lawrence has to offer.

Over 40 Date Day Fashion - Kut in Lawrence, Kansas
Time to Go Eat – Hubby Takes One More Photo.

I had spent far too long gazing at one mural so it was time to head over to Aladdin Cafe. I could feel my blood sugar dropping, and my husband had been quite patient pulling double duty as not only my travel companion / date, but also my photographer. I attempted to snap a couple “selfies” while we were walking, which as you can see did not turn out so well. However, the sun was coming out and the Lawrence sidewalks where beginning to show some signs of life, which was nice. 

Over 40 Date Day Fashion - Kut in Lawrence, Kansas
I See a Few People.

Seriously, Lawrence is never this calm and quiet. It was rather nice honestly, as on any regular day here the streets are almost as busy as a New York sidewalk. I said almost, as busy, not quite but close. Even Aladdin Cafe was still when we walked in, as if the entire town closed down for only us. Now by the time we were done with our Linner (our name for anytime we eat between lunch time and dinner time) … not only was Aladdin Cafe hopping, but the streets were beginning to fill up as well. This I did not get photos of, as both my husband and myself were carrying take home bags and our rosewater lemonade, which is a lemonade made with rosewater and saffron and is simply to die for! 

Over 40 Date Day Fashion - Kut in Lawrence, Kansas
We Order Everything When We Eat Here! 

When we eat at Aladdin Cafe we order the works because we only do this about every three months or so. That means two appetizers, soup and salad, two entrees, desert, and for me, Turkish coffee after dinner. 

The one thing I noticed after the fact is that at no time during walking, looking at art, or stuffing my face with amazing Mediterranean food did I feel the slightest bit uncomfortable. Never did I need to adjust anything, unsnap, pull up, tug down, tuck, untuck, shift, or otherwise make my clothing more accommodating to my comfort level throughout the afternoon. 

That is one thing I will always love so much about clothing that fits right, especially clothing from Kut From The Kloth, it just feels so good on that you are not in any rush to take them off when you get home.

Well made clothing will never be uncomfortable. 

Over 40 Date Day Fashion - Kut in Lawrence, Kansas
A Few Close Ups

I picked up this necklace at Groopdealz which is now called 11th Avenue you can always find New Deals at Eleventh Avenue the bracelets are a mixture of several sets that I own, I enjoy mixing and matching my bangles. Please visit all of these fine retailers: Wantable Style Edit,  LE TOTE, 11th Avenue, Kut From The Kloth.

Thank you for reading about my Over 40 Date Day Fashion and my wonderful afternoon in Lawrence. My husband and I do not get out very often, and I had a very lovely day with him, feeling comfortable, and looking good. I think he is very handsome as well. 

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