Fashion for Mental and Emotional Well-Being

As a woman who has worked from home for over fifteen years, I have learned that you have to get out and about to stay healthy, and happy. Interestingly enough, I am far more productive with my work when I do not tie myself to my desk all day.

For years I was dedicated to family, homeschooling my children and friends and families children, keeping up the house, and working from home. It was almost a year ago today that I started this blog, as my kids were no longer kids and had become young adults.

While I have not yet had to face empty nest syndrome, as I still have one young adult living at home, I knew I had better start something “more” for myself. Plus the true motivation of this blog was that I had allowed myself to spend years in my pajamas! I used to be on top of the fashion trends when I was younger, I used to look forward getting dressed every day, but as any mid-life woman knows, sometimes you just don’t have the energy to care. Add working from home to that equation, I really did not need to get dressed at all every day or any day! I was honestly only getting dressed on the days I had an appointment for the kids, or had plans for a homeschool event outside of the house, or when I got to feeling like a complete bum! I mean sure, I would get out of my pajamas but usually into something “comfortable” which in reality equated to my oldest, loosest shorts and a tee, or sweats.

This habitual behavior was beginning to take its toll on my energy levels, my motivational levels, and my self-esteem. I knew I had to change something, and fast. I also had more time on my hands as I was no longer homeschooling, my kids were older and needed less focus, and I had worked up to a better income to afford to rebuild my wardrobe again.

Then the workaholic behavior pattern began to sink in! I would get dressed, very nicely most days, and this helped tremendously with my attitude, my self-esteem, and my motivation, yet I was not getting out anywhere to show off my new tote, or have a purpose for doing my hair and makeup that day, other than for myself, and let’s face it, we all need a little more than winking at ourselves in the mirror!

It is important not only to treat ourselves to looking good, wearing presentable clothing, doing our hair and makeup but getting out of the house for some fresh air means so much. You do not have to be going to a social gathering, meeting friends, or even hanging out in a public place for the positivity of being out of the house to do the trick.

Today, (well yesterday as I write this as it just struck midnight here), my daughter wanted to go shopping for succulents. I admit I was knee deep in work, but I was also feeling distracted, so I decided to go with her. While on one hand, I did have several things lined up to get done by the time I got home, I found myself at least 50% more productive once I did! Just getting out and doing something other than work itself is key, plus we had a great time looking at all of the beautiful plants and flowers today.

Here are photos of my time out and my daughter’s beautiful arrangement: 

Fashion for Mental and Emotional Well-Being
Where Are All Of The Succulents?
Our first stop did not provide us with what we were looking for so we went to two more places before we hit the mother load! 
Fashion for Mental and Emotional Well-Being
Well Selected Accessories
Accessorizing is always important even if you are just running to the store. Sure I have my quick juants down to the Dollar General now and then where I do not worry if my purse matches my top or whatever but you never know who you can run into and I know personally I do not want to run into anyone who may ask me what I do for career and have to sheepishly say “I’m a fashion blogger” if I am wearing sweats! I think that we all need to adopt this attitude a little that we are all fashionistas! No we do not always need to be dressed to the nines but at least make sure those sweats are cute. Right!?
Fashion for Mental and Emotional Well-Being
So Beautiful!

I just love succulents! They are so unusual and Dr. Suess-ish. My daughter bought five plants and a planter, arranging them into the beautiful final outcome above, lower right photo. She did an amazing job, we both got out and about and enjoyed a beautiful day together. When I returned home I got back to work, with a clear mind. I was far more productive and focused than I had been prior to getting out, including writing this blog post!

Ladies, don’t confine yourself to the home, your kids, no matter how much you love them you need a life too. Don’t underestimate the good you do for yourself and your loved ones by taking care of yourself mentally, and emotionally.

Dress up, or just get dressed at all, get fresh air, the sunshine, or play in the rain. Treat yourself well, you deserve it! 

Jacket: James & Co.  – Scarf: Monroe & Main – Bag: Olivia and Joy 
Boots: Bucco – Jeans: Just Black



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