Fun and Sturdy Kitchen Utensil Set

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I have been looking for a kitchen utensil set for awhile now. Problem was, that I was looking for something specific. Awhile back I had purchased one spatula that I fell in love with and I wanted a set that offered the same thing the spatula I previously purchased does. Finally, I came across this 6-piece Colorful Kitchen Utensil Set which is exactly what I wanted! 

The reason I love this set so much is not only due to its durability, ( I have literally broken spatulas in the past while cooking an egg!) but also that they sit tiled on your counter top so that food particles do not end up making a mess! You will notice in the photos below that when laid on the counter there is a little doo-dad that sticks out on the underneath to help keep your cooking utensil from laying so flat that it touches the countertop, thus keeping the food from literally sicking making a mess! Love this feature.

Also the handles have a good grip to them which is another added bonus. However check out these beautiful colors! What fun and whimsy for your kitchen! 

Fun and Sturdy Kitchen Utensil Set
Sturdy and Fun – Perfection! 

Here is some information from Perennial Essentials about their product:

Eco-friendly, Easy-clean ; Environmentally Safe, 100% food grade silicone, best kitchen tool.
Big non stick silicone kitchen 6 piece utensil set with lazy-susan holder, vibrant colors.
Microwave oven, freezer and dishwasher safe, 6 piece kitchen utensil set.
Cool Retro look for counter top display & Essential Kitchen Gadget with holder.
Soft grips offer comfortable feel and solid grip, you can feel the difference.

Personally, I love the varied options this set provides me, which is pretty much everything I need, but I love the durability, and style they provide to my otherwise colorless kitchen.

If you are looking for a new Kitchen Utensil Set, then look no further, I recommend this one, I love it! 

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