Top 10 Reasons I Love threadUP

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Ladies if you have not heard of thredUP it’s time to discover how it works!

thredUP is an online shop where you can purchase designer, boutique, and name brand items at rock bottom prices. Or if you prefer, like me, you can trade in your unused clothing items for new things.

What I love most about thredUP is that anything they do not accept they will donate. You see, I generally donate my used clothing, but on occasion, I will buy something that does not get used at all, or maybe I only used it once or twice. These items still have quite a bit of value to them, and since I am not rolling in money, I would honestly rather get something back for them. 

So with that said, no, thredUP will not accept just any clothing item. In fact they have a great resource on their website that let’s you know what type of items they are looking for. This reduces your risk of sending them something they may not accept. 
Now remember, you do not have to use their trade in program at all, in fact this dress was originally priced at 60.00 and is by Pim + Larkin. ThreadUp had it listed at 68% off, 18.99 New With Tags. I had a trade in credit so I received this dress for FREE! Even if you do not have a trade in credit getting a Pim + Larkin dress for 18.99 is incredible! 
Exchange Your Fashion at ThredUp
Pim + Larkin Dress from ThredUp

Even if you do not want to use the exchange program you will find amazing deals of big name fashion at thredUP. It is the “woman on a budget” dream place to shop for fashion. 

The shop itself is super user friendly allowing you to search by color, size, style, item type, even brand name. 

Exchange Your Fashion at ThredUp
Perfect for Spring and Summer! 

Top 10 Reasons to Shop at thredUP

1. Top designer fashions, boutique labels, and trendy looks.

2. Easy exchange program with free shipping of your items to thredUP.

3. Easy search for the items you are looking for.

4. thredUP donates items they do not accept to charity.

5. Sensible, affordable, shopping.

6. Revolving Closet! You can have new items frequently at these prices.

7. Apps for both Android and iPhone.

8. No GUILT! Guilt is such an ugly word. When I trade in my unused items in need of fresh love, I get new items or new to me items in return! 

9. Ability to search specifically for New With Tag clothing. Sometimes I want it to be new! 

10. Referral Program! Yup if you refer a friend BOTH of you get 10.00 to spend on thredUP! This is how I first discovered them and I got my very first item absolutely free! 

So if you are ready to have a little fun and exchange some of your own items then Order a bag and get started today! Or if you just want to shop here is a link that goes directly to the thredUP Women’s Shop but they have shops for men and kiddos too! 

Happy Shopping! 

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