Spring Walmart Beauty Box Review

I received my Spring Walmart Beauty Box the other day and have not got around to reviewing it yet. You can find my past Walmart Beauty Box reviews here

You can subscribe to your own Walmart Beauty Box here

The Walmart Beauty Box is a seasonal box so you get four per year. The cost is 5.00 per box and you are billed when the box is shipped. 

I have seen several variations on each box each season, and it is my opinion that they use your date of birth (age) as a way to determine what you get in your box. If you want more makeup and “fun” items be sure to cheat on your age! 

This is what I received. 

Spring Walmart Beauty Box Review
Walmart Beauty Box Spring 2015

The box itself so far has always looked the same, good sturdy packaging too. Wrapped in tissue like most subscription beauty boxes, allows you to reveal your goodies inside. 

First look – there seems to be a lot of stuff in this box! First sample sized items, L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo and Conditioner. I like that they always seem to send both the shampoo and conditioner together. L’Oreal is a solid product, so I will give it a try. 

Spring Walmart Beauty Box Review
More Sample Sized Items In the Walmart Spring Beauty Box

Really happy to get the Caress body wash. I have been seeing commercials for this prodcut and I am in fact curious about it. Happy about this. Dial 7 Day Moisture lotion is always nice to have on hand. I will put this in my bag for on the go skin moisturizing needs, plus it smells nice. As for the Lady Gaga Fame perfume sample, I already have this. It’s a nice enough scent, not my favorite but not bad at all. I was not too excited about it since I already own it, but hey Walmart doesn’t know this. I will put this in a drawing goodie box. 

Spring Walmart Beauty Box Review
And the Foil Samples Begin …
So that was pretty much it for larger samples, now we are getting into foil samples. Ladies can I just say I detest foil samples. They are never easy to open, especially when most of them are for in shower use, when your hands are already wet and slippery. I always have to cut mine open before getting into the shower, if and when I remember to do so. I never get enough uses out of them to know if a purchase is worth it, and I just have a bad attitude toward foil samples. Regardless Nivea is a good product, I already know I like it, but an in shower body lotion does seem interesting. I will give it a try. 
Also I am happy to try a firming serum from Burt’s Bess as I do like this product line. 
Spring Walmart Beauty Box Review
Foil Samples Continue and Coupons … 
More foil samples, which seems to be the main items in this box this season. I’m not impressed since I can – as can you – easily get these foil samples on my own. Sure it is nice to have them all in one box that I did not have to work for, but if I wanted to try these things I could easily go online and request them. Instead, it seems, for 5 dollars I can have them sent to me in the Walmart Beauty Box reducing my time seeking them out and requesting them. Sure if you look at it that way it is a nice deal, but not what I am looking for in life. 
I did get all good brands, and products, I don’t need the Rogaine, not yet anyway, so the coupon is of no use to me, but I am sure others would like this. 
Spring Walmart Beauty Box Review
A Coupon, and an AD! Hummmm….
One more coupon for makeup setting spray, used by cosmotoloigists for a long time now, recently hitting the market for the average woman. A necessity, no, but I have tried other brands and it works nicely enough. I can take it or leave it. I won’t use this coupon either. 
Lastly, an ad. Yes, just an ad. I guess I needed this to tell me that another dupe of the Naked Palette is coming out. Not even a foil tester. Am I bummed? Kind of because I was not happy with the foils, let alone just an ad for something I am not that interested in. 
Overall my feelings on this box are maybe 6 out of 10 but only because I got the Caress Body Wash which intrigues me, and that really is the only thing I was really excited about. The shampoo and conditioner from L’Oreal will be used, but I’m not giddy about it. So as you can see that body was from Caress carries most of the weight of my 6 out of 10 feel of this box. 
The reason the Caress Body Wash is exciting to me is due to it having an extended release of scent. As you wear it, it supposedly has a time release of the fragrance. I just hope I like the fragrance! 
So there you have it ladies. Is it worth 5 bucks? Well I have liked past boxes more and I will give it another season to decide for myself. I am bummed there was not one beauty item, no makeup, no nail polish, not even a plain black mascara, so had this been my first box, it would have been my last as well. However, I liked other boxes so I will give it another go. 
Do you subscribe to the Walmart Beauty Box? If so what did you get in yours this season? Share in comments below please. 

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